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rgconner 07-07-18 02:00 PM

Hit a personal goal.
I have always heard of "recovery rides" and keeping your HR in Z1-Z2 but never been able to ride without heart rate in the Z2-Z3 range.

Did 14 miles, 70min of riding, all in the Z1-Z2 range and feel like I cleared out the soreness in my legs.

See how I feel tomorrow, but I think I will feel as good or better than if I took a rest day.

talphie 07-07-18 07:56 PM

Nice work!

sdmc530 07-07-18 10:12 PM

Nice job!

TrojanHorse 07-08-18 11:42 PM

I have trouble with recovery rides... partly because of nurture, partly because I live on the side of a 7% grade and it's 7% out of the house and 7% back. (can only go one way up the street).

I did a recovery ride on zwift one time, that was nice. Just had to keep yelling at myself every time somebody passed. RECOVERY RECOVERY!

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