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Help me pick a bike

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Bikes: Trek Verve 2

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Help me pick a bike

I'm getting back into riding to drop some pounds and get back into a shape other than round. I turned 50 this past summer, I'm 6-2, 265 lbs, I have a bad back with a herniated disc in my lower back. I'm a longtime motorcycle rider, both street and dirt.

I plan to ride this bike on my cities bike paths, they are most paved and concrete, with some hard packed dirt.

I've been doing some research on bikes that will fit my needs, I have about $1000 budget. I plan to try and test ride the listed bikes, but I'm looking for opinions on my choices. From a few people that I know that ride have suggested looking at the Trek Verve 3, Trek FX3, and Co-Op CTY 2.1. I have looked at the specs, but I really do not understand them
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Trek FX3 will be a little more sporty than the Verve but the Verve may offer more comfort. I have a Cannondale Adventure bike i use sometimes when I’m out riding around with my kids. It’s a comfort bike very upright, suspension post seat, front suspension fork. They would make a good ride. I would recommend though if you or go for a front suspension bike to be sure to get one where you can “lock-out” the front forks. This will make it more ridgid when riding on paved surfaces, yet if and when you decent to hit gravel or rough road you can turn the suspension back on.

Can’t stress enough to get a proper bike fit on whatever you purchase. The Salsa Journeyman you can pick up in both flat bar / or drop bar. (It has an upright riding position) you can get it in 700c or 650B. The 650B however might offer a touch more comfort for gravel type roads. It can handle a load and has LOADS of braze one to add racks, fenders, or all the water you want to carry. Spec’d with a Claris grouset the MSRP is $950ish. Might find a LBS to sell last years model maybe a little cheaper never hurts to ask. The salsa IMO is a good all round bike that you can mold to your riding style and as your riding style may change down the line. If i was to buy a bike around $1,000 this would be MY choice. This one is a go anywhere do anything ride.

Seems you are looking at flat bar bikes, but give drop bars a shot too. You can also add on KOGA Denham type bars and surly makes another bar that’s similar so you can have different hand positions if you plan on riding a few hours or more at a time.

Let us know what you get!
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Someone with a very similar situation, maybe some ideas here Help me pick a bike
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Bikes: Trek Verve 2

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Originally Posted by Piperflyer View Post

Let us know what you get!
I went to the LBS and tried a few bikes, the FX, Verve, Dual Sport, and Marlin. I needed up getting the Verve 2, for me it was the most comfortable.
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Bikes: Trek 7.3FX

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Just going to throw out what I know and have heard. I own a Trek FX 7.3 and an old 2.1 road bike. Lie you I started riding again to loose some weight. Start with a Trek 7300 [sold] just wanted to putt around the area. Didn't work the healthier you get the more miles you will want. A friend of mine a bit older then me didn't take my advice and bought what the local LBD told him he needed, a Verve. Well a couple years down the road it is hard to ride 15 miles on that bike. Doesn't care to ride with me cause it is allot of work. Please look at the geometry of the bike. Think mid term. I have had health issues and put allot of weight back on. I will stilll go to the road bike and ride the FX when my wife rides with me.
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Hello CoffeedrinkerNY,
Iím a long distance motorcycle rider myself, as well as a local cyclist that commutes twenty miles a day at lest four times a week to work. I too have two herniated discs in my lower back. Seriously you should not rule out a good Recumbent bicycle that has a full back rests with a built in lumbar support. You can usual pick a good used one on Craigslist for $500 to $600 no days. But be forewarned their is a learning curve of about 500 miles depending on how adaptable you are. The rest of your $1,000 budget you can buy a good inversion table if you donít already have one that you are using. In using this table will it will help you release the pressure of you discs by stretching you back out.
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I myself would have gone for the FX. Comfort bikes are cool but sooner or later, as a returning rider, you will get a little more competitive as you get comfy and want a little more speed. I think the sportier FX would have been better. Comfort is good but it can get boring when you want to get that 10 mph ride up to 15 mph averages. Or 15 to 20 depending on the rider.
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