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jeneralist 07-21-21 05:12 PM

Source for large women's shorts?
I generally get my bike shorts form Aerotech Designs, and I'm quite happy with them -- except that for the past few weeks, when I look on their website they're out of stock for many shorts in my size (2x-4x, depending on the product). What else would be worth a look?

Leisesturm 07-22-21 12:16 AM

Just to (try and) be helpful I Googled "women's plus size cycling shorts" and got a bunch of hits including Aerotech Designs. Not all of their shorts are out of stock. You might have to work with a different model until your favorite(s) come back in stock. They do look like your best option although I did see alternatives.

Viich 07-22-21 05:57 AM

Fat Lad (Lass) at the Back?

jeneralist 07-24-21 07:00 PM

I went back to Aerotech Designs. In the choice between not-my-favorite color, and not-my-favorite chamois, not-my-favorite color won.

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