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Hello All,

I've had my bike almost a year but I haven't been riding it too much. I've had two accidents with it (one with me on, one with me off). Unfortunately the accidents happened on either side of the bike. One accident was just it falling over and it seems to have bent the derailleur because it doesn't like gear 1 anymore. Makes some kind of clunky sounds and the pedals don't feel right. That was awhile ago and I was just sort of living with it, but it is something that needs to be fixed.

The second accident was just me being a dummy and giving riding in the snow a chance and the back tire just went and then I went and landed on my side. Since it is an ebike I just throttled home with my legs down to catch myself if I slipped again. Which meant I didn't notice that the peddle hit the chainstay (I think that is what it's called.) It hits hard if I pedal backwards and it brushes going forward. I think when I fell the peddle was under the chainstay because there is more of a gouge than a scrape.

The third, which is mostly my reason for this post. I have tektro brakes, e350 with 160mm rotors. It seems enough for me, even though I'm quite heavy. The one time I tried grocery shopping with a trailer full of stuff, I don't think I had enough stopping power, so I would like to upgrade. I'm uncertain what size I need to go up to, or even what sizes there are. So for a very heavy person, with a trailer full of goods, what would you guys recommend? I don't have a TON of hills in my area, but I do have a good sized one no matter the route I take, so the stopping power is pretty important to me.

I also found that I needed to pull my brakes a lot in order to feel any slowing down. At one point they where hitting the handle bar, or at least skimming, so I need to do something about that. Just not sure what. Do they need to be bled? Topped up? Something else?

So just to sum up a little bit. I would like my brakes (rotors?) upgraded, my pads replaced, my brakes to be a bit more responsive, my crank arm replaced or adjusted or something and my derailleur adjusted.

I'm going to take it into a local bike shop to get a quote, but is there any advice ya'll can give me? I really am a dummy when it comes to bikes, and while I'd love to be able to do some maintenance myself, this is just too much to start with. I would like to have some idea of what I am looking for when I go in though, so whatever you guys can tell me I would be *so* appreciative.

I know this might fit better in another forum, but the question I'm really hoping for help with is the brakes and I figure heavier riders would have a better idea of what I'm after. But I am willing to post elsewhere if you guys think it doesn't fit here. (First time on the forums. lol)

Thanks so much!

P.S. Have no idea how much this all will cost, so if anyone has an idea, I wouldn't mind hearing some speculation.

P.P.S Forgot to say, My gouge in the bike, is there anything I should put on it to keep it from rusting?

P.P.P.S Why do I write all my posts like a letter?
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Your brakes are hydraulic discs. Chances are they will be more than adequate when set up properly. Your shop may suggest a change of pads. There is too much else going on to make a guess as to the cost. You are smart to take it to the shop.
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