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gtrdave 03-17-14 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by jla1974 (Post 16575696)
hi im 5''11 280lbs i ride a bianchi metropoli 1. little over a year ago i was 323lbs when i started trying to get fit. ive been in the 340's maybe even 350's but not recorded. i hit 269 before winter. ive got my eye on a jamis xenith comp thats a 2012 but brand new.

Awesome job on the weight loss.
I'm currently 250ish (6'2") and have a goal to drop up to 50lbs this year. I'll normally fluctuate 20+ pounds per year, especially in the summer and early fall when I'm riding constantly, but I'm tired of the annual weight gain and over bloated feeling through the winter months.
I'm not a bear...
So, calorie counting is my first disciplined step to dropping the lbs. I'm also getting an earlier jump on the riding season this year and plan to compete in a few mtb races in order to kick my own rear end.

I'll remember to report back to this thread with my progress.

ChiChiCavrone 03-21-14 11:07 PM

Hey everyone! So I just found out I'm some kind of Athena. I'm 5'10" and 230 lbs. I started out at 315 two years ago. So far, I've been losing weight on diet alone, but since I recently quit smoking a couple weeks ago, I'd really like to start biking now.

I have absolutely no idea how to care for a bike, but I'm excited to figure it out! I've been looking around at what kind of bikes are available, but I'm not sure what I need for the trails in my area, or what's available to me at 230 lbs. I will definitely go to a bike shop.

Nice to meet you all!

Agwan 03-22-14 12:10 PM

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Not new, but not particularly active. 5'10 and 270 pounds. My Clyde commuter is a frame up built Surly Straggler. my current wtb wheelset turned into noodles, so I've got an Alfine/dyad out back and a DT swiss 350/Chukker coming for the front wheel.

Also going to be getting hydraulic brakes soon. as I refuse to tolerate Avid squeal, dislike the maintenance of mechanicals and am just so very not satisfied with the power of my Shimano CX-77s.

PolarBear007 03-23-14 10:56 AM

Hello -

I've been on here awhile, but not "formally" intro-ed myself or my bike. I'm a 48yr old male and 5' 11". As of last week was at 267lbs. Most people would never guess I weigh that much b/c I'm fairly solidly built from years of weight training/martial arts/etc. Since grad school in my early 30's I've just lazed and gained 55-60lbs (a "normal" wgt for me when training and @ 7-12% body fat was 205-215lbs).

However, last week Mrs. PolarBear007 and I started a paleo/LCHF diet. As a result, todays 1st week weigh-in has me 12lbs less at 255lbs. I don't have a specific weight goal in mind, but since my muscularity is much less than before (from a size 50 jacket to 46, etc.,), I think 220-215lbs is not out of the question - maybe even less.

I'm much more interested in touring/commuting types of bicycling so I'm in the process of slowly rebuilding a 1990 23" Schwinn High Plains hard-tail mtb. Here are some recent pics:

Chain-ring side from behind:

Chain-ring side full profile:

From above/"cock-pit":

Left side from behind:

Left side full profile:

It's an exciting time for me and I'm looking forward to having some great adventures!

Coffee Addict 04-03-14 09:14 PM

Hi all,
well after lurking here for last two months researching and learning about what might be the best bike for me to get I figured I would introduce myself here.

closing in on 50 in a couple of years and finally going to get into shape. I am 5'7" and last year hit 382 ( damn I know I may have to make a super Clydesdale category ). Gone from couch potato to active. Weight training twice a week, walk/run 4-5 times and now going to add 3 days of biking woot woot double workout days! Currently at 321. Got a long way to go but nice to be on the journey finally.

atm deciding between a Cannondale Quick 2 or 4 and a Specialized Sirrus Comp. Tested the Trek FXs but did not like them as much as the Quick. Used to love my Trek mtn bike but that was 20 yrs ago and if I went off a boulder now I would be in a body cast at best. Trying the Bikes again tomorrow and then taking one home for the weekend to decide. Great LBS here. Finally little to no snow so could finally test ride this week. Liked the Quick 4 but did not have time to try the Quick 2 today but did try 4 other bikes ( mostly Treks).

This forum has been a terrific source of information and wanted to thank everyone who posts.

dagray 04-10-14 11:39 AM

Well I am maybe a super Clyde being about 380 and 6 foot three. I have picked up a mountain bike (Raleigh Talus 29er) on March 8 this year and am hoping to get down to where I can ride my road bike (a 1985 Centurion Le Mans purchased as a gift for me in December of 85 as a present from my mom) or maybe even get into a more modern road bike where I can more easily find parts (good tires for one). I am down from 396 pounds in March to the 380 ish I am now.

rickyk76 04-11-14 04:51 AM

5'9" 224 lbs as of this morning. Hopefully I can keep the motivation to get healthy up and won't be a Clydesdale for too long, though I've been one long enough.

Heavytall350 04-13-14 10:08 PM

Im 6'2 and 330, I used to bike but when I broke my last one i was to embarrassed to ride again. Are there road bikes that can hold my weight and for my height? What do you guys suggest? (I know very little about bikes but would like to learn more). How many spokes would be a minimum. 36? And how much for a good bike? (I am assuming Ill be saving up for a while 1000+ ? )
I really want to get back into biking to lose at least 60 pounds this year. Thanks for your help.

Null66 04-14-14 08:15 AM


Originally Posted by Heavytall350 (Post 16668463)
Im 6'2 and 330, I used to bike but when I broke my last one i was to embarrassed to ride again. Are there road bikes that can hold my weight and for my height? What do you guys suggest? (I know very little about bikes but would like to learn more). How many spokes would be a minimum. 36? And how much for a good bike? (I am assuming Ill be saving up for a while 1000+ ? )
I really want to get back into biking to lose at least 60 pounds this year. Thanks for your help.

And it love me!

Disc Trucker | Bikes | Surly Bikes

or, there's tons of threads here with recommendations which are easy to sum up.
a used bike shop brand name non-suspension mountain bike. Best to have the wheels re-tensioned at a good bike shop.

Pilotac 04-21-14 02:01 AM

My experience

Originally Posted by Heavytall350 (Post 16668463)
Im 6'2 and 330, I used to bike but when I broke my last one i was to embarrassed to ride again. Are there road bikes that can hold my weight and for my height? What do you guys suggest? (I know very little about bikes but would like to learn more). How many spokes would be a minimum. 36? And how much for a good bike? (I am assuming Ill be saving up for a while 1000+ ? )
I really want to get back into biking to lose at least 60 pounds this year. Thanks for your help.

I went through a few bikes in my way from 500 to 330, on the way to 225. Surprisingly enough, I didn't have much trouble until I bought my last bike, a Specialized Crosstrail Elite. It is a hybrid with a front shock. I haven't had problem with the shock but I did have a problem with wheels. I had to replace the standard wheel with a 36 spoke wheel. since then, no problems. On a related note, one of the problems I have with riding is a sore ass, despite a good saddle and biking shorts. In searching for an alternative, I came across Day 6 bicycles. They have a sort of recumbent bicycle with a comfortable looking saddle, broad enough to handle the wide cabooses that usually come on a clyde. They have a bike called the Samson, specifically designed to handle riders up to 400 lbs. I have been saving for one. I hope this helped.


m_senjaya 04-22-14 02:49 AM

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Hi all,
I'm 6' and 205 pounds. Just picked up cycling again last year after around 15 year hiatus (was in junior high school). I ride for commuting and exercise (nice to do both at the same time), around 15-20 miles return trip, depending on where I'm going for the day (school or office). Latest ride is 2009 Felt QX75 hybrid (55cm frame), which I bought from used bike market for $200 at the beginning of this year. Been upgrading the components little by little ever since. I like the ride so much, especially with the size fitting me perfectly. Looking forward to more rides and less weight.


superdex 04-25-14 08:38 PM

I'm baaaaack. Was a clyde for a while, got out, and after a year of moving twice and changing jobs, I'm back. 215. Yeah, clyde-light, but still. "fighting" weight should be in the low 190s.

Hey folks, how areya?

TheTeaHermit 04-27-14 10:44 PM

Hey there everyone!

I thought I would post here and say hello to my fellow forum users. I guess I am what you guys would call a Clydesdale (coincidentally my favorite kind of horse, perhaps it was destined by the stars). I am 23 years old, 210lbs, and 6'5" or so. I pack on quite the bit of extra weight in my mid-section due to what is known as Klienfelter Syndrome. It also causes other issues related to my body not really producing testosterone like it is supposed to (reduced energy, inability to build muscle efficiently, etc..) I am trying to deal with it as much as I can without having to resort to testosterone shots (They're ridiculously expensive, and I can't really afford that on a college budget)

I got into bicycling because before heading off to college I lived out in the country and thought that on a bicycle would be a great way to see my surroundings. My 5 mile rides quickly evolved into 50+ mile rides. When I moved off to college, where I am now, I really got into cycling. I average about 300 miles per week or so, and I have managed to lose about 50 lbs. At the beginning of last summer I probably weighed about 250, and by the end of the season I was hovering at about 200. Over the winter I've seemed to have gained back a pesky 10 lbs. It is my goal this year to get down to about 180.

Um, well I hope to see you guys around and about.

Oh, and if anyone is in the Bloomington/Normal, Illinois region, I'd love to go out for a ride sometime. I always ride by myself because I am kind of scared to ride with a group, so it would be killer to find someone else to ride with.

MauiWowwee 04-30-14 11:31 PM

Hi all! I'm 5'10" and weighing in at 270#. I'm currently riding a Specialized Sirrus that I purchased back in 2010 and looking for an upgrade to a road bike. Either a Cannondale Synapse 105 disc or a Specialized Expert Disc. Both ride very nice, it's just a matter of a $500 price difference and purchasing from a lbs or rei(dividends!).

Tallgeeknyc 05-03-14 07:46 AM

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Another super Clyde here. I'm 6'4 and weighting in at 374lbs. Went yesterday to the local LBS and picked up a 2014 Specialized Allez. I sure that the back wheel will give out at some point but I got it to lose weight and get fit.

RhythmRider 05-08-14 07:16 PM

A year ago I was 265lbs at 5'7" I am 207lbs.....I am hoping to lose my "Clyde" status soon! I just purchased a 2014 Giant Escape RX.... a gift to myself (a bit prematurely) for getting to 200lbs!!!

Desolate 05-09-14 06:15 AM

Hello, I've been lurking and thought I'd pop in to introduce myself. I am a borderline clydesdale, just over 200 lbs, but only 5'6". Despite my weight, I do a fair bit of running, and have gotten into cycling for cross training. I have no real cycling goals, just looking to drop some weight and get in better shape. My #1 goal is to set a half marathon PR in the fall (my best time is 2:25).

Nick The Great 05-09-14 07:49 AM

I was a Clyde when I found this forum 5 years ago, and am probably now even more of one. But getting back on the bike. 6'-5" and 250 lbs.

May is "Bike to Work Month" in my state, and I've done 5 days now. My commute is only 4.5 miles each way, but it's a start!

DackRider 05-13-14 09:28 AM


Clydesdale aye?

Yeah, I fit the criteria. Pretty much the reason I'm here. Put my motorcyle jacket last week and noticed it had shrunk. Odd it was just hanging in the closet?

Heading for fifty-five years old, got on the scale last weekend and maxed out at 251 pounds on a 5'7" frame. A new personal high, and enough motivation for me to get my head out of my butt and start getting some real exercise. Before it's too late.

Living in the northern Adirondacks there is plenty of opportunity to bike. At present, I am looking at some sort of dual sport/hybrid, given the opportunity to access dirt roads and light trails. but theremaremdecent roads in my area as well.

The technology has changed drastically since my last bike so some research is in order.

My goal is to post Memorial day next year, that I am just stopping by to visit and and say hello, but no longer fit the criteria!


Pokemonpower 05-15-14 05:29 PM

Hello forum! I'm a newly indoctrinated enthusiast, who undoubtedly belongs to this category deemed "Clydesdales." I'm looking for a reliable cycle capable of supporting my 315lbs, 6'1 frame. I'm currently defacing a relatively cheap model of road bike purchased from a local sports super-store. While I hold a certain affection for my new mode of transportation, I'm almost certain the emotion isn't reciprocated. I've been trying my hand at compassion for it, but my large dimensions are quite unforgiving, and bent rims have been resultant. Well, not necessarily bent, but noticeably "untrue". I'm searching for a dependable, functional road bike that has a wheel-base that won't buckle under undue strain. Aesthetics are a nominal factor, but I don't want anything abnormally garish. Price point is of less concern, I'm interested in a quality apparatus, albeit one that can demonstrate longevity.

pavemen 05-15-14 05:41 PM

6'3" and 300 lb here. Well was 308 lb six months ago and now 295 lb. I don't ride as often as I would like due to other obligations (kids, work, etc). Used to ride a 1994 Trek 850 MTB but stopped. After 18 years of moving it between places, I started riding it again after being diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Finally replaced it in January with a 2014 Trek Domane 2.0 endurance road bike. Suits my size just fine and comfortable when I wear cycling shorts even with the OE saddle.

KJL 05-27-14 12:05 PM

I am right now 231 5' 10" - Just got back from mountain bike trip out west in elevation with mucho climbing and happy to report that I rode just fine with the rest of the group who were much fitter/slimmer and rode hard tail cross country where as I had a FS trail bike. There were times that my heart-rate went into limbo though. Before the trip I really thought I was more like 215 but do not have a scale - I went to walk in clinic on Monday for an infection (not cycling related) and they weighed me at 231! Yikes. The good news is at that weight I thought my endurance was pretty decent - now i just need eat better and burn more calories. I want to do a 24 hour event later this summer and at 230 that would be insane! There is no Clydes division for 24 solo so I need to get lean fast.

Nycycle 06-01-14 03:28 AM

Home Brew is evil, TV is next,,,,,,I had ab's, I made Home Brew, Never seen em since.

camjr 06-01-14 07:38 AM

Hello everyone! I have been lurking for some time but recently joined the forum. I just turned 47 yrs old, and was 230 pounds (5'10"). I had always been fit in my younger years, raced BMX in the early 80's, played soccer for 25 yrs., rode a Centurian road bike about 50-75 miles per week while in college, and then kids happened. Many of you know the story. About the only fitness work I did for years was riding the mountain bike around when camping, walking the dog, and coaching hundreds of soccer games and thousands of practices. Fast forward to today, my son is graduating high school and heading off to college (proud Dad here), my daughter is going into her junior year and is a dedicated cross country and distance track athlete, and I became a slug with a newly christened diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes about 2 years ago. WAKE UP CALL!!!!!! I started trying to do some of the things I loved in order to start getting fit again such as doing individual drills with a soccer ball, walking longer distances with the dog, etc. all while reducing portions and being more careful about my diet. Nothing was making a real impact.

Fast forward to a month ago. I pulled into the garage one day after work and happened to glance at my old hard tail steel framed Walmart special Mongoose MTB. I got it down, cleaned it up, adjusted everything, put new tubes in it, bought a new helmet, and off I went. I enjoyed it but that thing was a PIG and I decided to upgrade. I found this forum as part of my research into my next ride. I learned about hybrids (I had no idea) and thought that would be the way to start. I took my time, rode a bunch of different bikes, and after about 3 weeks of research and riding purchased a new 19" 2013 Fuji Absolute 2.1 at Performance Bicycles last Friday. What a difference over my old PigGoose!

In the 3 weeks of riding the old Mongoose and now 3 days in the Fuji's saddle, I've dropped 10 pounds, feel a heck of lot better, have much more energy, and have seen my blood glucose level start heading down. I'm keeping my rides short and frequent at the moment, doing 2 8-10 mile rides each weekend day and one 8-10 mile ride every evening on the local greenbelts or at a nearby Army Corps of Engineers park on a nearby lake.

My goal is to lose 45 pounds total and get to 185. I want to be around to see my future grandkids.

Pic of the Fuji:


lost_in_endicot 06-02-14 09:41 AM

I joined this forum last year, right after I bought my Sportif, with the intention of riding the wheels off. Unfortunately, I broke my foot last June, then 2 weeks after I got the boot off my broken foot, I twisted my ankle(real bad- deep bone bruise and tendon damage). This year, I intend to ride the wheels off. I was 272 last Saturday, and this morning I'm down to 265. I bought a bike to commute to work with, and I'll be starting that on Saturday. Hopefully I'll work myself up to doing it daily, as long as I don't fall down anymore stairs!

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