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Gothic Sunshine 06-03-14 10:18 PM

I'm 5'8", 275 at 23 years of age. Been fat basically as long as I can remember. I want to lose my gut for personal image reasons, though I understand that, given my genetics, my healthy weight will most likely be on the solidly built side, rather than a skinny whip. I didn't learn to ride a bike until right before I turned 21, and I didn't really have anywhere to ride at first. I was on a rural Job Corps center in Montana and could only ride the loop around campus, which got old so fast I rarely did it. When I graduated and moved to California I started biking as a means to get around, and that's when I really got into it. I started off borrowing my uncle's hardtail mountain bike, which worked well for me, then bought a dutch, which didn't. Got a department store hybrid, and it worked even less. Now I own the mountain bike I was originally borrowing, and it's currently my sole bicycle. It's a 1987 Hard Rock Specialized with road tires installed and a brand new saddle, and it's just about right. The solid steel frame can handle my weight, the production value was pretty high and my uncle kept it in good shape, and it handles beautifully on the road. I chose cycling because I find it fun, which is the most important thing of all. I also live in an area where a bicycle can be used for commuting, and when it can't public transit can (and my college issues passes for the transit system), so I live car free. I'm about to try and pick it up with my weight loss regime. A new college term starts at the end of the month, and I'm registered for the basic PE orientation class, the gym exercise lab that comes with it, and a swimming course, and I'm hoping to start replacing bus rides with bicycle rides when my schedule allows.

covertm52b28 06-06-14 02:07 PM

Hello, I'm 6'5" and 255lbs.

I ride a 2006 trek 1000sl on and off for the last 2 years. This time I want to stick to it as I am currently planning on using it as my commuter to school. Hopefully the trek holds up.

I grew up riding Bmx mostly and fairly competitively but lost interest when I got to my 20's.

1986raleigh 06-08-14 12:25 PM

I'm glad I'm not alone,I started riding in Nov 2011 at about 225 and fifty years. I've been on a1986 Raleigh marathon 12 speed and just got a2009 Fuji 4.o. currently at about 210 and would like to get back to 185 which is where I was when I quit smoking in 2009.
Any one plan on riding the goatneck this year?

TheSummerOfMe 06-12-14 01:44 PM

Athena here and new member of the forum. Stopping in this thread to say hi! I will post more later :)

pathofwrath 06-16-14 03:08 AM

Howdy all!

I'm a Super Size Clyde. Maybe super size plus. haha

6'3, a little north of 550#, 34 years old. Trying to make it so I live to see 40. No bike yet. Looking for suggestions for what to get so I can get moving.

Willbird 06-16-14 09:26 PM

Way North Way West Ohio..........

5'10", 269.2 lbs (but dropping 3+ a week), born late in 1964.

Currently riding a Trek 7200....looking to buy a new bike in October.

The Fuji 4.0 Cyclocross bike (but add smooth tires pronto) appeals to me right now.

Goals.........not sure when the 160 part comes, intend to keep logging MyFitnessPal til it does though :-).
160 lbs (maybe a bit less)
Metric Century
American Century
Ride across Indiana
Double Century


Kylesbronco 06-17-14 02:40 PM

I weigh 288 now and used to weigh 310 back in april, ive recently gotten a free fs blackriver mountain bike that I am rebuilding and want to hit the trails and ride to and from school and work on the bike. My ultimate goal is to get down to 250, yeah its not alot but from there I would liks tk lose more I just want to get to my first goal first

robstercraw 06-17-14 09:09 PM

6 foot. 220 just down from 300 a year ago. Giant Defy 3. up to 20 miles a week. can't seem to break 220!!!!

Nine7051 06-18-14 12:18 PM

New to the forums, semi new to cycling. Another big-un here 5'10" 255 lbs(to be fair, my thighs and calves are huge from weight lifting in high school...18 years ago).

I started riding in October 2012 more out of necessity than desire. I hadn't been on a bike since 1997 and was mostly sedentary after high school. When I moved from Portland to Saint Helens I needed to get a bike because I don't drive by choice and I live 2.5 miles from the grocery store/bus stop(town essentially) to get to/from Portland.

I work across the street from a bike shop. LUCKY! So I looked around for awhile before deciding on a 2013 Cannondale Quick CX4 commuter(the disc brakes sold me). The first two months of riding simply kicked my ass. I had to do it daily and the total round trip including riding from the bus stop to work was about 8 miles daily. Initially, it took me about 20 minutes to do the 2.5 miles between the bus stop and home over rolling hills, ending with a 30 foot climb over about 80 yards. I did walk the bike up the hill the first two attempts. Now a 10 mile ride in the morning is just a wake up ride.

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend 2014. I had been itching to upgrade for some time and the LBS was having a sale. After a lot of thought and research, I ended up buying a 2014 Cannondale Synapse Alloy disc 5 105. The narrower tires and much lighter weight(22 lbs compared to 33 on the commuter) took a little getting used to, but now it's like a pedal assisted rocket.

TL;DR I used to not ride. Now it's what I do.

colbydunkle 06-23-14 08:48 PM

Hello fellow Clydesdales. Lifestyle change made last year due to wanting to spend more time being active with my son. 6' even. Started out over 260. Now down to 204. Just started riding cause I don't have the lungs to run. Turned 40 a few months back and just completed my first 50+ mile ride over the weekend. Averaged 15 mph. Pretty stoked about my progress so far. Hope to be under the 200 mark soon, but will always consider myself on of you since it will be the first time in 25 years being sub 200. Not to advertise but I used Advocare to lose my weight and still enjoy their products daily. Let me know if I can answer any questions or be a motivational help to anyone. I love helping others reach their goals.

dnewma04 06-29-14 07:35 AM

I've recently turned 40 and on my birthday, I weighed 278 lbs at 6'3". I've usually hovered in the 230 lb range during my adult life, but really feel best when I'm around 200. For a while, I tried running but my knees didn't hold out for long and I could never get quick enough to be happy. This spring, I decided to start biking so I brought my old MTB to the LBS and got some issues sorted out. I also purchased a 2001 Trek 2000SL from a coworker for not too much money. I really didn't take my first ride until June 7th, but 22 days into riding, I've ridden 250 miles and I'm picking up the pace. I have a 16 mile commute to work and intend on riding to work every day next week after doing it three times this week. I'm now down to 260 lbs and hope to be sub 240 lbs by the end of summer. Well, I hope to be even lighter, but I'm being realistic. My commute to work has about 7 miles of paved path, 4 miles of gravel path, and 5 miles of mixed road/sidewalk travel. Because of the crushed limestone/gravel portions of the travel, I've been riding my MTB because I don't know if the Treks 25mm tires are up to the task. The going is slow, but I'm getting marginally quicker. I've gained 1.5mph from the first time out on the MTB bike. It's amazing that about 3 weeks ago, an 8 mile ride was quite tiring but now at 16 miles, I'm not even winded.

FLEXjs 06-29-14 11:15 AM

New to forum and saw this thread. I'm 46 years old; 270lbs @ 5'10"

Just bought a 2014 Giant Roam 2 yesterday.

Not to lose weight or anything I am fine more or less with my weight as I am a competitive powerlifter. I just bought it to have some fun with my gurl who bought herself a Giant Cypress LX.

Here's a pic of me from 3 weeks ago:

nyrealitydose 06-29-14 11:14 PM

6'1 220--I dropped down to 175 in NYC when I rode every day!

220 is a comfortable weight for me and I'm trying to keep my muscle mass on while jogging up steep hills and riding my bikes on the streets of Hong Kong (although I haven't ridden recently because it's the hot, wet season). I can definitely afford to lose the tubbiness around the waist, but I want to get stronger while I'm at it! ;)

Biking + bodyweight exercises + jogging/running up steep hills has really helped me get in better shape without getting too skinny. I am of course eating more, and better, to keep the mass on. I miss lifting free weights, so I am hoping to add muay thai to the mix (I can use the free weights area at the MT place for free before/after training sessions). I already train in a few martial arts, but those muay thai guys kick like sledgehammers, and the free weights (in both senses of the word) have pretty much sold me!

Lilmill 07-01-14 04:28 PM

6'2 here 215. Just got my first road bike Giant defy composit 1 on my virgin ride with a friend we did 25 miles . Felt a lot better than running legs were tired, but not the pain it the knees like from running. Other bike is an old specialized rockhopper fsr. This was much easier to ride than the mountain bike, and a lot faster. A co worker told me get to get bib shorts and get used to it your kids will laugh at you, friends will laugh at you. I got the bib shorts and am happy I did, my butt was killing me by the end. Hopefully with time on the saddle a few less pounds the seat will get more comfortable

brdftbll 07-05-14 08:58 PM

Hey there, New to riding. Just picked up a 2014 Giant Escape 3 about 3 weeks ago. I haven't ridden a bike in 15 years. So far I have ridden about 20 miles a week with longest ride being 10.1 miles. BTW I am 31 6' 295. Is this a pretty good start?

Ernest_T_Bass 07-06-14 06:29 PM

I just signed on the site couldn't have made a better choice, you guys are great!
I'm 5'9' just over 300lbs. and 60 years old but with your help I will bring that way down. I hope to be 55yrs. in a few months LOL!

karlmphysics 07-06-14 07:40 PM

New to cycling, 6'4" and 227. Riding a Giant Escape 2 with no issues so far. Got into cycling due to an ankle injury that prevents me from running. So far one week in and loving it.

ATXRider 07-10-14 01:05 PM

I've been back into cycling lightly for about three years now. I ride mostly to try to get back into shape. Right now I'm 6'1" 255 lbs and I ride a Redline Conquest Pro 60cm. The frame feels a little large for me, but I couldn't pass up the deal I got on it. I want to get back to my fighting weight of 205. I think it's awesome that there is a while community of larger riders out there that aren't afraid to get on their bikes and ride! Kudos to you all!

nitewing117 07-10-14 01:37 PM

New to cycling as a sport. 5' 10". Started at 272 in March and am currently down to 245. Still pushing to drop more.

Bonkin 07-17-14 11:05 PM

I'm new to the forums and cycling, as well. I used to ride a BMX bike around as a teenager (who didn't?), but life took over and my pant sizes kept moving up. In 2007, I started running to help with quitting smoking and ended up running a few marathons, a few ultra marathons, and lots of shorter but faster stuff. I was loving trails the last year or so and finished with a trail 50 miler. The day before the race, I was already planning the next race - maybe a 100 miler. But when I finished and got home, I just plain didn't feel like running any more. Fast forward a couple years and I was a little over 240. I tried to run again, but my heart just wasn't in it. I did work down to 225 with some good diet and a little weightlifting.

Then I started shopping around for a bike and ended up with a Trek 8.1 DS. I thought I wanted a hybrid, because I wasn't into the road bike bar style. Anyway, I got it at the end last month and hopped on and rode a little over 20 miles. My legs hurt, my ass hurt, my hands hurt - but the rest of me was alive again. Even though I'm 48 years young and still want to lose maybe 40-ish pounds - I felt like a kid again. So I kept on riding most everyday. I rode a 40 miler with some friends and now I'm thinking about a 100k.

Anyway, glad to see so many folks having fun riding and working on goals - whatever they may be.

KnurledNut 07-20-14 03:51 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I am a Clydesdale as you call it, or a FatBastard as I call it. My latest visit to my doctor was my wake-up call. Lose weight or die basically. Time and weight sure catches up with us doesn't it? Damn, I'm gonna miss my sugars and starches. So here I am, coming out of the closet. This Thursday the wife and I pick up our bikes.

Let the madness begin...

erknjerk 07-21-14 12:59 PM

5'10" 280. I went on my first ride last week after swapping 105 componants from a smaller bike I got from a friend. Still waiting on my bib I ordered (still missing skin on my thigh). I just got some MTB shoes and SPD pedals. My goal is get down to 225. I'm also using kettlebells and clubbells.

lwik 07-21-14 03:36 PM

Age: 43, 6'-0", 265 lbs. I started a couple weeks ago riding again. I kinda stopped 6 months ago when I got a GF and just started again as that ended. End of last year I was averaging 300 miles a month but my weight stayed the same. I noticed my cloths fitting loosely so I must have been swapping pound of fat for pound of mussel. I use mapMyride but no longer trust it's calorie results. I rode 24.6 miles the other day and it said I burned 2440 calories, almost 100 cals / mil. At my weight I think I am more burning 40-50 cals per mile. Time for a diet adjustment and work back up to 300 miles a month.

hellsmith 07-21-14 09:27 PM

Hello! My name is Alex... my weight is 275 lb and height 6 " 5'

My theme is and there are question WICH ONE OF THIS BIKES IS MORE DURABLE FOR MY WEIGHT. Looking for your help.

mav52 07-22-14 08:41 AM

New to the forum, and I am a Clydesdale, 5'11", 288lbs and after knee surgery from playing golf it's time to drop 30lbs.

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