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volcker 10-31-05 08:02 PM

6'0" 260lbs, got back into riding last July, ridiculously short commute and weekend riding. Although work has killed a lot of weekends lately...

I ride a Fuji Ace, killed the stock rear wheel in short order, replaced it with a Mavic Cosmos which is holding up nicely despite only having 28 straigh-laced 3x spoke.


Prince9931 10-31-05 08:09 PM

6'6 200lbs 6%bf
IF i qualify cool ,if not meh

jhota 10-31-05 08:37 PM

i don't consider myself a Clyde - i'm a smidge over 6 ft, and fluctuate between 200- 215 lbs. but pressed to guess my weight, most folks think i'm around 180-190. have no idea what my % body fat is, sorry. but that's up from my low of 120 in college.

i ride an essentially stock '05 Bianchi Eros. haven't broke nothing yet.

i also ride a '91 Trek 930 SingleTrack. i've broken lots of stuff on this over the years, but nothing i'd consider extreme.

to the OP (Motophoto): i love the Klein - seriously old-school saddle! plus, i can't remember when i last saw a frame with bottle mounts below the down tube. what year is it?

oh, btw, cross-chaining is often considerd a bad thing.

Mattyc57 10-31-05 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by jhota
i don't consider myself a Clyde - i'm a smidge over 6 ft, and fluctuate between 200- 215 lbs. but pressed to guess my weight, most folks think i'm around 180-190. have no idea what my % body fat is, sorry. but that's up from my low of 120 in college.

...numbers don't lie...over 200# = if you flucuated 199-215, you might have an argument. :)

As for me...6' 2" 225 (down from 270# playing football) ride a stock motobecane steelie...looking for a tri-bike next year...

shakadude 10-31-05 09:24 PM

your bike doesn't know what your body fat level is. I think the bikes today can carry us clydesdales but......if you insist on super light weight parts you may have troubles. And why would you want to spend the dollars on a part that saves you a quarter of a pound and will probably fail?

guybierhaus 10-31-05 09:28 PM

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Finally some bikers I can relate to. I'm 250 pounds at 6 feet. Had triple bypass in July 2000 and I'm type 2 diabetic. Started biking last summer to lose weight with 5 mile trips. Worked my way up to 20 milers but I'm still 250 pounds. It appears for now I will remain a Clydesdale. Will reach my goal of 1000 miles this year but guess I better go for 2000 miles next year. And I should probably not be eating the oatmeal raisin cookies on my desk. My current ride is a Trek 7200fx hybrid with seat number 11. Pic from a trip the son in law took me own at the Lehigh Gorge, PA. Although I'm not to keen on driving 80 miles to ride 18 miles. Young people are strange like that.

Kid-Cycle 10-31-05 09:59 PM

6'1" 240-lbs here. When I cut back on the beer the weight drops. I'm happy with my cardio (my cardio is better than many of my normal weight friends) but I would like to drop 20- to 30-lbs. I guess I had better cut back on the brews...

bluyak 11-01-05 03:11 AM

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6'1" 260# 1999 Trek 2100 stock Rolf Vector with 700x25 Maxxis tires as pictured. Running Panaracers at this time.

Use to tour as a kid. Got out of it when I got married. Single now and had some Cardio problems. Doc didnt have to twist my arm to hard to get me back in the saddle. 3200 miles this year so far. Three centurys. One 200k brevet. RAGBRAI and TOMRV too.

I enjoyed dropping pace lines on RAGBRAI. My Max speed on RAGBRAI was 47MPH. Its always a blast to blow pass pace lines. Just to see there exspressions. My legs are no match for there tooth picks. Ok they can take me on the up hills. But they better be outa my way on the down hills and straights.

Go Clydesdales!!!

And they thought horse racing was only for quarter horses. HA!!!!!!

Corcis 11-01-05 03:35 AM

19 years old, 6' and 225lbs. Not healthy. I picked up an old Giant Rincon last spring and rode it around, but really wanted a roadbike. (The Rincon was $40 and fit, so it was hard to pass up.) Spent the summer working, found the time a month ago and went to the bike shop. Fitted for a 54cm (Trek sizes) frame, but they had no 1000s in, which was all that was in my price range. I'd ridden a 1200 and was hooked. Two weeks later, they had the 2006 Trek 1000 in in my size and I didn't waste a minute in getting there. Two weeks from then is now and I love it. I don't get as much time to ride it as I would like, as the weather's nuts here. No mileage goal this year, but I would love to break 100.
Overall goal: Health, weight-loss. Short-term: Sprint-length triathalon in spring and a 9 mile mountain biking portion of the Ski-To-Sea in spring as well.

lokerola 11-01-05 07:19 AM

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5'6" and was 224 last winter. After mucho hours on the trainer (I know the Spinervals videos by heart), and a lot of miles this summer I'm down to 180. But here's my Specialized that got me there with no problems at all, even with the low spoke count Shimano wheels. It's a Specialized Allez Comp Cro-Mo triple. And I thought I'd post a cheesy pic of me and the wife and the little one as well. My weight loss has really been a combination of biking, strength training twice a week, and eating right. "Abs are made in the kitchen" as they say......

sofc 11-01-05 07:26 AM

5'7" about 260. Started riding again after about 20 years this morning. I lasted about 15 minutes. Looking simply to do 30-45 minutes 4 times a week. Going to try going in this New England winter. After all, i have the insulation.

My goal is simply to get back into shape.

Lemond big Sky SL.

DnvrFox 11-01-05 07:26 AM

Clydesdadle doesn't necessarily mean fat, it means BIG!

Take a look at the "Clydesdale" video put out by Spinervals. Some of those guys and gals are some of the most muscular in-shape folks you will ever see on a bicycle (several are personal trainers) but they are all BIG!

They also have some folks who are overweight, but Clydesadle means BIG, not always overweight.

I am big, muscular and overweight!

jackson41 11-01-05 08:04 AM

5'11", 205--I ride an Airborne Zeppelin with Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels. No Problems with damage to wheels or bike, 2400+ miles this summer (I live in Michigan--the riding season for non-Eskimos and masochists is April-October). Last year started on a Giant OCR 3 at 255lbs, broke the spokes in the back wheels twice--had a heavier, stronger wheel built and no problems. Of course I dropped about fifty pounds over that summer as well--so that may have had something to do with it ;) I am a Clydesdale and proud of it. Rode a Century in under six hours this year, ride at 18-20mph on my own and at 20-22 in a group. I may be fat--but I'm fit...can't climb worth a s**t, but I go downhill like a bat outta hell...Dropping another 15lbs this winter should help with the climbing...

It never gets easier--you just get faster...

egonlou 11-01-05 08:08 AM

5'9" 210lbs down from 231 in January. I ride a Specialized Roubaix Elite. I think as the riding decreases into winter I am going to have to cut out the pizzas. what do you think?

Red is Faster! 11-01-05 09:02 AM

I find the "inter"cydesdale rivalry amussing. Anyone had someone give you abuse for not being over a certain weight? Before one race, a guy gave me hell saying that 215 wasn't really a Clydesdale. I weighed 212 at that one. What in your opinions is a REAL clydesdale? 225? 250? Puts several wheels in the pit planning onusing them? Owns a pizza joint with a bar?

I always assumed big guys were slow. Met a guy who weighed 225 and ran a 42 minute 10K. His bike split was obviously fast too. We can accomplish what we allow our mind to believe we can. We can sprint. We can climb. We just need to believe it's possible.

So I am assuming KirkeIsWaiting is a woman:

"How yuu doing?!"

Just kidding! I take it you are 5' 100 lbs?

Clydesdale does not mean fat. thewalrus, I used to weigh 255lbs no muscle. Now 215 all muscle. 6'4" tall does not disqulify anyone from the fat catagory. We just have more places to put it. Like when my daughter cleans her room and puts the mess in the closet. It's still a mess. We all reached a point where we decided we wanted a different life. I applaud the fat people in the gym and/or on the road. They decided to take action. The ones on the couch, are the ones who we should worry about. (Ben and Jerrys while watching football were a favorite of mine).

jhota 11-01-05 10:39 AM

i think it's not just a weight thing - height and body type has a lot to do with it, imho. sombody 6'6" that weighs 200 lbs isn't a Clyde, they're just tall. a buddy of mine in college would have probably been a Clyde, and he didn't weigh 200 lbs - only 190 or so. but he was 5'2". wasn't fat, just built like a tank with broad shoulders and a lot of muscle - kind of square, actually. if he rode, he'd probably break "normal" parts all the time - if they were chosen for the average cyclist his height.

magesh 11-01-05 11:38 AM

Slightly over 6ft. 225 lbs. Type II diabetic. 38 yrs old.

Doc told me to take insulin or exercise. Poking holes was not my idea of fun, especially with my sedentary (IT consultant/PM) lifestyle and Indian food intake (curry, spices, rice, ....)

Ride a 2004 Fuji Bordeaux. Got it for exercise, weight loss, get-away-from-home for two hours, etc ... (Riding the Harley does not give me the exercise. DOH). Changed the seat coz my a$$ was big. Have the Naviion cyclo-computer for tracking miles and hills. Done one round of truing (abt 250 miles in abt 4 weeks). That's it. And thoroughly enjoying my new found hobby/exercise/sport/toy/2nd wife/etc ... :D Love it, love it, love it ... Absolutely loving it. (Even though the weather is miserable.) Plus the support on this forum has been awesome.

Changed my diet, drinking lots & lots of water, experimenting with what to eat and when to ride, what to wear, how to look kewl ;), how to pedal uphill, use the drops, etc ... Having a blast all around ... a painful fun thing. Feeling exhilarated at the end of every ride. Fun fun fun fun ...

Loving it,

Red is Faster! 11-01-05 12:02 PM

These are great stories! Way to go magesh! It just gets better!

steve_wmn 11-01-05 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by jhota
i think it's not just a weight thing - height and body type has a lot to do with it, imho. sombody 6'6" that weighs 200 lbs isn't a Clyde, they're just tall.

Your bike wheels don't care if they're carrying 200 lbs of muscle or just fat, the stress levels are the same. So equipment threads for Clydesdales are insensitive to body type. Weight loss discussions are another issue, and one where Athenas can contribute even though their equipment issues aren't the same unless they've reached the full Clydesdale.

zakk 11-01-05 01:10 PM

very true. I was over 360 when I started riding and 24 spoke wheel died. no idea why :rolleyes: :D

FarHorizon 11-01-05 01:17 PM

6' 2" at 260#! Current rides:

Outback road bike - full Campy WITH Vento wheels (bulletproof!)
Converted fixed-gear bike - still playing with gear on this one
Kona Dew Deluxe - currently in conversion to internal-gear-hub commuter

Future bikes:

Touring frame from Nashbar with various spare parts
Recumbent of some sort or other

Lost 15 pounds at the beginning of 2005 when I re-started cycling, then gained 10 pounds back! Currently riding 10-20 miles/day and a single 30-40 mile ride once per week. Can anyone say "DIET?" :mad:

jyossarian 11-01-05 01:26 PM

5'7" and about 220# as of this morning, down almost 10 lbs from when I started riding again this year in April or so. Only started riding cuz I had pain in my achilles heel when I walked and noticed it didn't hurt when I rode. Now the heel doesn't hurt as often unless I don't ride for a few days and I can do other exercises like use my x-country skier and rollerblade/ice skate. Goal is to keep eating healthy, lose wt. at a normal pace and keep riding all winter along w/ doing more skating and skiing.

Haven't broke anything on my bike due to my wt., but it's a Haro mtn. bike and even w/ the craptastic bottom of the line Shimano components, it's been bullet proof, although I am detecting some "give" in the bottom bracket between when I start to pedal and when it engages the crank. The bike's 15 yo so I guess it's time to replace the bb.

substructure 11-01-05 01:32 PM

6' tall and I get up to 205 in the winter. I call it my Hibernation Weight.
I'm planning on dipping below 185 next year, though. So my Clydesdale classification may be taken from me. So be it.

Sincitycycler 11-01-05 01:53 PM

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"Junior" Clydesdale at 6'2" 195 lbs (was 210 4 months ago).

Gotta love this ad:

Treespeed 11-01-05 02:21 PM

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Down to 205 for the Ventura Triathlon. It's amazing how quick you get skinny when you swim, run, and bike on a regular basis. Now that my wife is pregnant and winter, such that it is in Los Angeles, has set in. I'm back up to 220. Building up a new bike to get the momentum goiing again.

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