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Bigmark 12-10-06 09:04 PM

Training Videos?
Ok, I am all setup, and road for 20 minutes, and now I am wondering if there are any videos out there where you follow someone riding? I donít know how to describe what I want except it would be like you are riding on a trail or something.

Sorry about being so vague

MaxBender 12-10-06 10:43 PM

Do you mean riding inside with your bike on a trainer?

I've had good luck with the "No Slackers" Spinervals video. Not so much a ride in the country, but with the constant changing of gears and paces, the time seems to go by faster.

Tom Stormcrowe 12-10-06 10:47 PM

I use the method of pacing during a regular program and hammering during the commercials (Might as well get SOME use out of a commercial!)! God help me if there's an infomercial that starts before I am done!:eek: :D

teamcompi 12-23-06 08:16 PM

I use spinnervals, they make the time go faster and help keep you honest. I ordered up a couple of new ones for xmas the Hardcore 100, should make a good Sat. workout. Its nice to have a few so that you can shuffle up the pain a little. Ask Santa for a Heart Rate Monitor the two work well together.
It seems like a DVD which is like a ride in the park or some nice mountain ride would be good, but unless you actually work the training time is of limited value I think. I do think the spinnerval series gives a good workout given the time you spend.

Best of Luck

My goal is to use up some of the old tires I keep around while I loose some of my spare tire!

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