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CheeseLouise 12-15-06 07:49 PM

Finally Did It!
Yup, the Hubby and I finally expanded our bike stable. LOVE THEM! Click on the link to get the bike pics and details. Took them out last night for their maiden voyage. Man was it fun! Got muddy and went through every puddle, mud hole and dirty place we could find. Weee Haaa :D

Tom Stormcrowe 12-15-06 09:26 PM


KingTermite 12-15-06 11:32 PM

I think you meant "schweet"!!!

(51) 12-16-06 05:56 AM

I think you meant "schwiiing"!!!

Tom Stormcrowe 12-16-06 06:24 AM

Nope, KT was right.....I was kinda bagged last night, Mrs Stromcrowe graduated and got her degree. Now I have Champagne Brain this morning!

jyossarian 12-18-06 01:21 PM

If they came w/ flip/flop hubs, flip it around to the fixed gear side and join the dark side. :) Congrats!

EJ123 12-19-06 10:51 AM


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