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merckxxx 12-27-06 03:02 PM

rider weight limits on bike frames
anyone know where I can get weight limit specifications for bikes.. I am looking for performance bike but I am @215lbs.. I am dropping weight.. Most performance bikes are designed around riders in the 130 / 170lb class. That being said I know bikes are built stong but reason tells me a performance bike designed like that will not perform characteristically with a 220 lb clyde on it (like me).

I want performance but I am finding manufacturers and especially dealers do not want to give up weight limit info.. thaey want to swell.

I had a real weird ride on a Merlin. that felt like I was riding a noodle.. It was scary as hell...

I wonder about CADD9 thin walled aluminum (Iam riding a older cannondale now)..

can anyone here provide me with a resource?



Air 12-27-06 03:24 PM

I would think you'd do better looking at strong and light wheels and not worry so much about the frame - you'll pick up more speed on a light wheelset. At 215 you do have a wide range of options! Mavic Open Pros are used a lot round these parts and are pretty bomb proof. Except for Far Horizon who had one blow up on him.

I looked around, couldn't find anything.

CastIron 12-27-06 03:39 PM

You'll have to dig deep to find many rider weight limits on frames. My Scott CR1 has a 'published' 110Kg limit that I found only after crawling around in the depths of their fine print in the on-line manual.

For a lot of bike stuff there seems to be two weight limits: 180lbs & 250 lbs. The 180 stuff is generally uber light stuff and the 250 seems as good a ballpark limit for most road cyclists' gear as any. If you're looking for rules of thumb to consider your cycling products, you may wish to start there.

merckxxx 12-28-06 08:05 AM

Thnaks guys.. I have Open Pros on my old cannondale and they have been great.. I have about 15k on them from yeas past and just broke my first spoke yesterday...

late 12-28-06 08:24 AM

you will find a few frames are wimpy, and obviously you should avoid them.
Try calling the company when you are interested in a bike. Cannondale is well known for always making a couple really rugged bikes; you just need to find out which models suit you.

I have a Gunnar ( made by Waterford ) and it does fine. The nice thing about Waterford is that it's semi-custom. They will pick the tubes to match your size, strength, and style of riding.

Another really nice choice for a big guy is the Habanero road bike.

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