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superslomo 01-07-07 09:10 PM

Fizik Aliante for big guy?
There's a sale on the aliante at performance, and I was wondering whether the carbon rail aliante saddle would work for someone at around 215 pounds... any risks? Would the Ti rail saddle work instead? Any experiences would be interesting to hear about.

BLIZZ 01-08-07 08:27 AM

I have ridden the carbon sadle for 3 years, about 9000 miles, with no problems at all. I also am right at 215 lbs. However I don't sit hard on the sadle, in other words I put more of my weight on my legs when going over rough stuff & also hover or stand over the sadle when hitting larger bumps such as bridge expansion joints. The ti rail saddle would be stronger & cheaper without much difference in weight compared to our body weight.

superslomo 01-08-07 09:04 AM

The Ti and the Carbon are at the same price right now, which is why I was even considering it... Just wondered how much strength and durability you gain from the Titanium, and whether there was a weight limit for either of them.

BLIZZ 01-08-07 09:46 AM

When I purchased my carbon rail saddle I was told the weight limit was 175 lbs.
I don't know how close to the max weight a sadle company wants to assume liability, they may give themselves a bit of error room.
I think the saddle is good quality product and comfortable for a light weight minimalistic saddle.

Tom Stormcrowe 01-08-07 10:49 AM

Superslomo....just a point. What's a few grams when we're already Clydes? I'd accept a few grams weight penalty for greater component strength!

superslomo 01-08-07 01:13 PM

No doubt...

It's kind of academic to discuss now, I've realized that the Ti version is all over ebay for substantially less than the price that I had seen, so (in the words of Gilda Radner) never mind, I suppose.

If the carbon is rated to 175 pounds, I'm definitely staying away :)

Air 01-08-07 03:02 PM

Yeah, nothing like a broken seatpost up your ass to ruin an otherwise nice ride! :eek:

Tom Stormcrowe 01-08-07 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by Air
Yeah, nothing like a broken seatpost up your ass to ruin an otherwise nice ride! :eek:

Wouldn't that depend on your orientation?;) :p :D

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