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vrkelley 01-07-07 10:50 PM

Athena Invitation!
I posted this on the Athena introductions but maybe that was the wrong place. So here's an official invitation.
================== Invitation ============================
The 'Traveling Bow' would like to invite the Athena ladies on her adventure across the USA and the rest of the world. Ladies from the Women's forum host her for one week by placing the Bow on their bikes and sharing their experiences for one week. :)

The point of the adventure is to inspire riders at any skill level to try new things and make biking more endearing. To view Bow's adventures or participate in the adventure yourself, you'll need to contact send a private message to snowy for access to the Women's forum.

The thread is:

================== Invitation ============================

vrkelley 01-12-07 10:41 PM

Oh My Gosh she's heading out already...and it isn't even summer! We will keep invitation open (link in post #1) open for questions about how to register. Yes we have room for more Athenas. It's not too late to Join us!

See Bow's journey as she travels to each adventurer!

DieselDan 01-13-07 03:26 AM


Originally Posted by vrkelley
Yes we have room for more Athenas.

This is a Clydesdale's Forum. Room is very important.

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