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PATH 02-19-07 12:45 AM

Finding an in between bike.
I have been riding a Miyata Sportrunner during the cold weather. It is a tank and it handles everything I throw at it. It is slow as molasses though. My Specialized Roubaix, which has upgraded wheels, is sweet but it can't go some places I want to go. After much reading and soul searching I have decided to purchase a Specialized Tricross Comp Triple.

My thinking is that it is an in-between bike that can move with some speed and still take me places that a road bike should not be going. What do you think?

martianone 02-19-07 04:13 AM

i have a surly c-c for the "in-between" needs, 1x9 gearing with upright touring handlebars and
fairly wide tires. plenty responsive, yet comfortable on messy roads and goes just about everywhere.

atomship47 02-19-07 04:29 AM

sweet bike. i'm seriously looking at it too. haven't found a specialized dealer in my area that i'm comfortable with. as a result, i've looked at the kona major jake and felt f1x. apples to oranges tho.

PATH 02-19-07 08:24 AM

That Kona looks dynamite. I have my heart set on the Specialized though. I'm lucky enough to have a great dealer nearby though.

adrien 02-19-07 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by PATH
That Kona looks dynamite. I have my heart set on the Specialized though. I'm lucky enough to have a great dealer nearby though.

Kona makes nice bikes, especially for the price.

Try them both if you can.

Nightshade 02-19-07 02:42 PM

My suggestion is to shop in the "cyclocross" market. These bikes
are designed to do it all for any terrain. Like anything that is this
genric they do have a few short comings but they will do the job
when other styles of bikes are outclassed.

stevel610 02-19-07 07:12 PM

I looked at those last year at a lbs. They are nice bikes.

nowheels 02-19-07 07:20 PM

I have been riding a Kona Jake for the past few month's. I have found it to be a very versital frame. Presently I am doing a flat bar conversion to it to make it more of a comutter. cyclocross bikes offer a nice alternative.

bdinger 02-19-07 10:53 PM

I'm a huge specialized fan, so I can't say anything bad about the Tricross. Heck, a basic Hardrock Sport has held up to some ridiculous abuse put forward by moi over the past year.

Another alternate may be something like the Trek FX series. I know I was surprised when going from a Trek Pilot to a FX - the geometery is very similar. THe FX is more of a flat-bar roadie than a hybrid. Very quick bike, and I can't wait for the snow to finish melting (This week!!) so I can properly test mine out :).

Finally, the Bianchi Volpe is a excellent alternative. That was a very close second to the Trek FX that I ended up buying. Steel so it rides nice, bombproof wheelset, and a good mix of components. Everyone I know with one rides them constantly, so that must say something :).

PATH 02-20-07 12:29 AM

bdinger, I was going to look at Trek but the owner was closing up early to catch a flight to Cali to watch the race with Floyd Landis' coach. (That's what he told me!) The Treks I was going to look at were the 7.5 FX Disc as well as the 4500. I believe you had mentioned them in another thread I had read. I was leaning to the 7.5 FX Disc. Fate had it that it was not to be so up the road I went to the Specialized Dealer and the Tricross.

Maybe next year an 7.5 FX Disc! Please let me know how things turns out with the 7.5 FX.

So many sweet bikes and never enough money to get all the ones I want!:D

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