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jeep floyd 02-20-07 05:50 PM

wider or narrower tires?
6.2 ft 274 lbs as a reference....
What tires do you recommend for a person like my complexity for a mountain bike? I ride a yeti full suspension running a 2.2 front tire and 1.95 on the back... I recently changed to 2.3 front and rear (actually I was looking for 2.5 or 2.4 but they were out of stock) I like more the look of a wider tire in my mountain bike, I do some light off road riding before hitting the trails a little harder this spring, as I mentioned I like the look of wider tires but what about performance?

thanks for your comments

FarHorizon 02-20-07 06:23 PM

I like the wider tires on my MTB also. 2.4" came stock on my bike & I love them. My riding is more "urban obstacle" than trail, but I like the freedom of just running over obstacles instead of dodging them.

jeep floyd 02-20-07 08:04 PM

I think the same

PATH 02-20-07 08:08 PM

Wider makes life easier but it slows you down some. Everything is a compromise.

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