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FarHorizon 02-24-07 05:08 PM

Anyone want a Gitane?
I was out this morning & found a (70's?) Gitane in a trash pile. White with some surface rust, no-name tubing, fitted with the following (which I've taken off & discarded): 27" steel, 5-speed wheels (held on by axles with nuts), Simplex derailleurs, old vinyl seat, rusted steel cottered cranks & chain. I kept the handlebars, brake levers, stem, seat post, and frame. Center-pull brakes too, if you want them.

The frame's seat tube measures 60cm (center-of-bottom-bracket to center-of-top tube). The top tube measures 58cm (center-of-seat-tube to center-of-head-tube). The decals are fair. The paint is white with no chrome anywhere. Horizontal dropouts.

The frame would make a fine single-speed conversion. The frame is too large for me.

IF you'll pay the packing fee at the local bike shop (probably about $25) AND the shipping fee (probably about another $25-30), then you can have the frame for free. First-come, first-served - offered to the Clydesdale forum only.


FarHorizon 02-25-07 12:23 AM

Bike is spoken for. Thanks.

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