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duffer1960 02-25-07 05:03 AM

Schwinn electro-forged, Sturmey, 250 lbs?
Hello fellow Clydes,

My friend is even bigger than I am; he is about 250 lbs or so maybe heavier (have to ask him). He has never owned a bike. He wants an upright bike for short commutes, trips to the store, etc. I have prepared an old Schwinn for him, an electro-forged, steel-wheeled, Sturmey 3-speed diamond frame model. (Yes, I told him that modern bikes are much improved but this one looks so retro-cool & he wants to try it).

Will this thing (I'm thinking particularly the spokes and the axle of the Sturmey) hold up under the weight of a 250-lb-plus rider? The streets around here used to be smooth but are showing their age. Anybody with experience with these?



cs1 02-25-07 05:14 AM

I believe that the electro-forged technique was way ahead of it's time. You could make some really nice steel or aluminum frames in very unique shapes with that technology today.


Bikedued 02-25-07 02:14 PM

I'm about 230, and have no trouble with any of my Sturmey axles. Spokes, depends on age and condition. I had some on my 71 Continental pop just while truing them. I'd recommend building the wheels with some nice stainless spokes for insurance. The only parts of that bike I would worry about are the spokes, seat post clamping issues, and tire inflation. The seat posts have to be done tightly on those bikes, given the clamp thickness, small diameter, etc. The frame may bend if really stressed, but I've never seen a broken electro forged Schwinn. Has anyone else?

If he wants a more modern cushy saddle Wald makes posts with bigger tops to fit most modern seats . You can also change the clamp out, but I've found that an iffy solution. Most of them are narrower than
modern rails, not to mention the splines might be worn out.,,,,BD

jgedwa 02-25-07 02:25 PM

I think with that set up, he could take his pet gorilla along with him on a rack.

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