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bluepython723 03-01-07 09:01 PM

What do you reccomend for me
Here's my stats

5' 11"

250 lbs

and i'm still growing

I think I definately fit in to the Clydesdale category and I was wondering what you would reccomend for a man of my stature who is looking for a road bike. I really am strapped for bucks and have been reduced to looking at department stores. i don't want to go that route. I mentioned that to show my price range.

Vespa 03-01-07 11:40 PM

I saw this at the bike store the other day and it looked like a sturdy cheap choice if you have limited means

A KHS Urban Express

good luck

bburrito 03-01-07 11:46 PM

Look on craigslist. Since you are in LA if you spend some time browsing craigslist you shouldn't have a problem finding a good deal on a bike.

I paid $300 for my road bike and it came with a carbon fiber fork, spd pedals, Shimano 105 components, the combo brake/shifters on the handlebars, and a computer. There are excellent deals to be found on craigslist, you just have to look everyday at the new postings and check stuff out. It took me about a week to find my bike.

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