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OperationOrange 03-05-07 09:19 AM

Baggy Cycling Shorts?
Anybody know of a source for baggy, MTB-style cycling shorts for uberclydes? I'm talking the 46+ waist range.

Would really love something with the padding of my lycra pants that I could run errands on and not feel embarrased to walk around inside a store, etc.

chipcom 03-05-07 09:31 AM

Cheaper than lycra or MTB shorts - wear em under your regular cargo shorts. It helps a lot if you try to buy cargo shorts with flat seams or a gusseted crotch.

STewmeister 03-05-07 10:03 AM

I am a 44-46, and Pearl's XXL fits me. I really liked the Impact short, which it apears has been discontinued.

STewmeister 03-05-07 10:26 AM

and they are on sale I fond out (closeout I bet). Thanks for asking, I went ahead & ordered 2 more pairs :-)

Vespa 03-05-07 11:33 AM

I wear LL bean's baggy bike shorts and tehy go to expanded sizes

mwbirren 03-05-07 01:37 PM

check out Mt Borah,, I bought a couple pair of their recumbent shorts (xxl), very comfortable.

themickeyd 03-05-07 02:12 PM

REI now has extended sizes in tights and shorts (up to 52 inches) including their Exposure II Mountain bike shorts. Also you might want to check out J&G ( for their Patrol shorts and touring shorts that both go up to 52". At you can find the Plus size baggy short by Borah that go up to 48-50". I use to swear by Bike Nashbar but the last 2 orders of in-house brand the sizing has seemingly shrunk and don't fit like they use to. I currently ride with bib shorts from Performance and just wear shorts over the top and haven't had any problems.

fat_bike_nut 03-05-07 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by chipcom

Cheaper than lycra or MTB shorts - wear em under your regular cargo shorts. It helps a lot if you try to buy cargo shorts with flat seams or a gusseted crotch.

I like wearing cargo shorts. The velcro pockets on the lower thighs are really useful for storing stuff that I don't want accidentally slipping out (like my wallet and cell phone) :D

Oh, and I use these for now:

Rivendell sells them:

But I buy mine from the LBS because they stock them, and they're cheaper at the LBS.

Until I can afford lycra shorts, anyway.

chipcom 03-05-07 06:10 PM

I have one pair of the Andiamo boxer-briefs, don't like them much, they tend to fall down over my okole too easy. :eek: The Performance stay where they are supposed to so I don't look like a plumber when bent over fixing a flat. ;)

Gibbygoo 03-05-07 08:40 PM

A friend of mine says he got some shorts made by Hoss MTB that he likes.

jimblairo 03-05-07 10:10 PM

+1 for hoss. I'm 6'6" and 240 with a 42 waist.

OperationOrange 03-06-07 08:12 AM

thanks for all the help, ya'll. did not realize that I actually had options. I'm happy to see REI is finally carrying bigger sizes!

paul43 03-06-07 09:34 AM

Try this

I am a 48 and ordered the 4X. PLENTY of room in the baggy shorts. Front pockets are the deepest I've ever seen in any kind of pants. I also ordered one of their "Bright Orange" shirts in a 4X and it was the first jersey I ever ordered that I had room in (and I got a big gut). Their "Enduro" socks also fit my size 14 barges nicely.

SUPERRRRR nice people to deal with--stuff is made here in the USA just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.
Aero Tech Designs
1132 4th Avenue
Coraopolis, PA 15108
Fax 412.262.0993 Phone 412.262.3255

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