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dijos 03-13-07 10:38 AM

can I get some giudance on a wheelset and bike build?
I have been given the greenlight on a new build. it is all hinging on the wheels, and I need some Clyde Input. I'm a good 230+, and carry some other stuff on a bike (groceries, whatever). What I want to build is a ss/fg bike, so I am looking for a flip/flop hub. that much is ok, but I want some wide tires. I don't bunnyhop curbs, but I am currently riding 1 1/4 tires, and I don't want anything really smaller than that, mostly because I don't want to run really hard tires. is a touring rim too much? I'm thinking of a 700x 35 rim, but I want a whole wheelset, and not too much. Bicyclewheels has one that's in my price range. Can I go thinner? I don't really want to run 40s on the bike or anything. what range of tires can you fit on a, say 30 rim? should I just suck it up and run thinner, harder tires?

part deux:
also, I am trying to pick a frame. I prefer a lugged steel frame, but I would consider non lugged or even aluminum. and a threaded headset, if I can get it. If I run with fenders, how big a clearance will I need for the tires and some regular fenders? I've already eliminated a few options with no tabs/braze ons for fenders. any input will be appreciated.
Oh, and I'm trying to keep it reasonably priced. Like 550 or so for the whole project.

thanks, everybody.

InTheRain 03-13-07 11:14 AM

I'm about 225. I run Mavic A319's with a deore hub and 36 spokes. Strong wheels. Per the Mavic website these will take a 28mm to a 50mm tire. I run the 28mm. I don't know the price of the wheel set since it came on my touring bike. These wheels were designed to carry a load. I would imagine that the set would run $200-$225? Anyway, $550 for the whole project? You're looking for a used frame... right?

bdinger 03-13-07 12:14 PM

I rode a Redline 9-2-5 and loved it. Talk about a sweet ride, decent wheelset, flip-flop hub, moustace bars and a steel frame. The ride was nice and smooth, and the stock gearing was pretty nice.

My need for speed won over, however, and I ended up with a Trek.

Anyway, I highly recommend the 9-2-5. It really was a sweet ride.

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