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uofiblue 03-28-07 07:14 PM

MTB slicks reccomendation
First of all, to those of you responding to my knee pain thread, I appreciate it. Someone suggested that I might be letting my legs slide out at an angle from the frame and when I was paying attention the next day, that was it. Since then I've been making a conscious effort to keep them pulled in and the pain has gone. I also raised my seat a little bit, but I don't think that was the main problem.

Anyway, on to the topic of this post. I currently have semi-slicks (or so the LBS said when they put them on) on my mtb. They still have knobs, just very small ones. I was thinking about switching over and getting some slicks put on. I'm wondering how much of a difference I'll notice. Most of my rides right now are no more than 15ish miles, many shorter than that. I do all of my riding on the road so I'm not worried about going off road anymore (that's why I had them leave the semi-slicks on when I first got the bike till I figured out how I'd be riding).

1) Would it be worth it to switch over to the slicks for that short of rides?
2)How much less resistance is actually there?
3) I know that slicks take a higher psi than knobs so should I get a floor pump or will my topeak road morph pump still air them up without too much problem?

Thanks in advance!

uofiblue 03-28-07 07:40 PM

I apologize for the dual post. I didn't think it was going to go through the first time. Please delete this thread and leave my other. Sorry :(

jimblairo 03-28-07 09:55 PM

Running Specialized Pro's 26x2.0 which are a hard pack tire I can get about 13-14 mph on pavement. I just installed a set of Specialized Nimbus 26x1.5 with Armadillo protection and I can get 18-20mph @ 80psi. I pump them up with a Crank Bros.hand pump.

InTheRain 03-28-07 10:10 PM

I have a "comfort bike" that I use for rainy commutes. It has 26" wheels like a mountain bike. I used to have a 1.95" "semi-slick" too with nobby on the edges. I switched to 1.25" slicks. Makes quite a difference in the way the tires roll, not nearly the resistance. I run these slicks at 100 psi and the ride is faster, but much rougher. The slicks work well for me on my commute... but I'd hate to ride this bike on any rough roads with the slicks.

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