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uofiblue 03-28-07 07:15 PM

MTB slicks reccomendation
First of all, to those of you responding to my knee pain thread, I appreciate it. Someone suggested that I might be letting my legs slide out at an angle from the frame and when I was paying attention the next day, that was it. Since then I've been making a conscious effort to keep them pulled in and the pain has gone. I also raised my seat a little bit, but I don't think that was the main problem.

Anyway, on to the topic of this post. I currently have semi-slicks (or so the LBS said when they put them on) on my mtb. They still have knobs, just very small ones. I was thinking about switching over and getting some slicks put on. I'm wondering how much of a difference I'll notice. Most of my rides right now are no more than 15ish miles, many shorter than that. I do all of my riding on the road so I'm not worried about going off road anymore (that's why I had them leave the semi-slicks on when I first got the bike till I figured out how I'd be riding).

1) Would it be worth it to switch over to the slicks for that short of rides?
2)How much less resistance is actually there?
3) I know that slicks take a higher psi than knobs so should I get a floor pump or will my topeak road morph pump still air them up without too much problem?
4) If you would recommend slicks, what brand would you recommend for good durability?

Thanks in advance!

DieselDan 03-28-07 09:54 PM

Michlen Transworld. Available in 1.5 and 1.95 widths. Smooth rolling with some water shedding tread. They also have a nifty reflective sidewall and a puncture protection system. Get a floor pump, as the Topeak Road Morph should be used for roadside emergencies.

jsharr 03-28-07 10:12 PM

I run Specialized Hemisphere EX's on my Trek 8000. Nice on the road and still okay for paths, light off road use. Been very happy with them. Never flatted with them due to puncture. A bit hard to get on and off of the rims on my Trek, keep in mind if you plan on switching tires a bit.

Tom Stormcrowe 03-28-07 10:13 PM

On the "Mountainbike" I use as a bad weather/commuter bike, I run Geax Evolution: 26"X1.9 @60psi. Low rolling resistance, Kevlar core, and bulletproof.

jcm 03-29-07 02:20 AM

On my roadified MTB, I have used 1.5" Armadillos with good success against flats. I ran them at 80 to 90lbs. Right now I have Serfas Baristas on it. They're much lighter, roll easier and take 100 lbs. And, they are cheap. There is a thin band of kevlar built in but they have flatted a little more often than the Armadillos. The trade off is that I feel a little better after a 75 mile ride because the Serfas are lighter and seem to ride softer despite the higher pressure.

You don't need any tread. Rain shedding tread isn't needed either. Bikes simply don't go fast enough to require tread, unless you're off pavement. I can't comment about the difference between "little nobs" and slicks as to resistance other than to parrot those who tell us that slicks are best, when all other things are equal.

Gravity Worx 03-29-07 09:42 AM

Halo twin rails work well for this and you shouldn't have to change out tires all the time.
The center of the tread is 2 straight smooth "rails" that go all the way around the tire and this works for riding with less resistance, but then there is a good bit of side tread that will keep you from just sliding out in the loose stuff in corners etc.
With running higher tire pressure for commutes and lower pressure for trail, this would make a decent all around tire.
2.2 width weighs in at 770g and the price is not too bad at $25

dobber 03-29-07 05:07 PM

I wouldn't recommend the Trans World, terrible tendency for little rocks and debris to get stuck in the grooves, resulting in an annoying click, click, click as you continue to ride along.

Michelin Country Rock

Not a true slick, but pretty close.

Halthane 03-29-07 05:21 PM

I use Specialized Nimbus Armadillos on my commuter groccery getter and I have been quite happy with them.


Terrierman 03-29-07 11:29 PM

I put some 1.4 x 26's (can't remember the brand) slicks on my bike. I run them at 85 to 90. Huge difference. You'll like it if you do it.

Added in edit. They're Ritchey's. They have some grooves in the sidewalls and off the center of the slick that are supposed to be some optimum traction groove. I'm not buying that part. But they are pretty good tires, meaning they roll easier than the knobbies and don't get too many flats. Glass will still get them.

Bill Kapaun 03-30-07 01:49 AM

What Brand/model/size do you have presently?

v1k1ng1001 03-30-07 04:24 PM

I'm a big fan of the Avocet Cross which have been on my '92 Bridgestone MB5 for the last 10 yrs.

CastIron 03-30-07 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by Halthane
I use Specialized Nimbus Armadillos on my commuter groccery getter and I have been quite happy with them.


I've got those on one of the hardtail's as well. Nice tires, roll easy, and murder on your ass. These are not 'comfort' tires. Still a reasonable option, though.

STewmeister 03-30-07 05:27 PM

Hutchinson Top Slick, 26 x 1.2

pj7 03-30-07 05:40 PM

Not knowing the exact specifications of your tires (width, how far the knobs are spaced, etc) I can not tell you how much of a difference you'll notice by going to street slicks. But when I went from agressive knobbies to semi-slicks the differrence was great. And when I went from those semi-slicks (Kenda Kross Plus) to my current ones they were even better.
I think a great Clyde-approved street slick for 26" tires is the Geax Street Runner. It is 1.6" wode (40mm) and pumps up to 75psi. It has inverted tread groves and kevlar sidewalls. Nothin in the way of flat prevention but you did not ask about that. Plus these tires sell for 10-15 bucks whcih saves you plenty of money to get tire liners.

I'd recommend street slicks for you. Even on a 2 mile ride they make a difference. And as far as your pump, the road morph should be able to pump them up fine, but nothing beats a good floor pump, or even a poor floor pump. My floor pump is a cheap Schwinn one I got from Target and it has lasted me 4 years or so.

Just my two cents.

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