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biffstephens 04-02-07 02:36 PM

First Century of the Year, Done!!
So I did my first century of this year....104 miles...I was on my own but got with a few packs that were coming by..some I could hang with and some not. I was also riding my new Toupe saddle (About a month old) I was pretty happy that it or better I made it through the ordeal....about 75 miles my avg went down a bit but came back in the last could have been wind or just me lol...

All in all I was happy with the experiance....glad I got it over with early (for me)..looking forward to more to come....

I did have one flat but the support crew was all over me with a pump and help....

I rode it at the Space Race in Texas....great ride if you get the did rain for about 1/2 of it...still good though....

Oh and the best part was the 9000 calories I burned....that helped out with dinner at Fogo De Chao...

Tom Stormcrowe 04-02-07 02:43 PM

biffstephens 04-02-07 02:45 PM

Thank you sir :D

chunkyd 04-02-07 03:43 PM

CONGRATS!!! Good Job!!

Ummmm FOGO DE CHAO!! I used to have Cisco reps buy my team lunch at the Dallas location! good times! great food!

BillK 04-02-07 06:47 PM

Congrats! A job well done. :D

biffstephens 04-02-07 09:15 PM

Thanks everyone...just got back from a 25 mile get the sore out ride....not to bad....tomorrow I will take off...

I sure can feel it in my legs...

dpb13 04-02-07 09:57 PM

Nice job.

I'm riding in my first one in May. Rode 41 miles on Saturday.

dahoss2002 04-02-07 11:49 PM

Congrats Biff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are U gonna do "Hotter than Hell" this summer?

(51) 04-03-07 02:24 AM

Great work, Biff! How many have you done in the past?

biffstephens 04-03-07 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by dahoss2002
Congrats Biff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are U gonna do "Hotter than Hell" this summer?

I plan too...I have done it before.....3 and 4 years ago...they were both easy years compaired to last year....:)

biffstephens 04-03-07 07:40 AM


Originally Posted by (51)
Great work, Biff! How many have you done in the past?

I guess that was my 3rd....I do the MS150 ride as well but have never done the century option on it but might this year....I always say I want to but the the turnaround comes and I say Naaaaa lol

biffstephens 04-04-07 08:50 AM

So I got a Garmin 305 before the ride.....also I signed up for account....I have to say I am very impressed....

Above is the link to my activities...I think the free version shows the last 10 activities. My girlfriend uses it as well and she is happy with the free version too so I will stick with it untill it becomes a problem...I like free....

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