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missing 04-03-07 07:01 PM

Clyde Brags about his kid
My oldest Son joined the U.S. Army in Aug of 2005. He completed Basic/Infantry and Airborne (got to pin my wings on him) without a problem. Completed The Ranger Indoctrination Programe early 2006 and was asigned to the 2/75th Ranger Battalion.

FINALLY he has finished Ranger School, and earned his Tab. He had to repeat the Darby phase twice and the Mountain Phase 5 times!!!!! Then it only took him one try to complete the Jungle Phase.

It took him nearly 8 months to finish a 2 1/2 month course. He never quit, never gave up and now he has earned his Ranger Tab, WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!

The only downside due to manditory training at work I can't get away and go to his graduation

umatillarider 04-03-07 08:27 PM

that is truly awsome!!!! tell him Hooah! from a vietnam vet clyde. I am a supervisor over about 40 young (and some not so young men)most of them veterans, some in the guard still and either going to or have been to the sandpile, and it chokes me up to talk to some of them.



jaxgtr 04-03-07 11:49 PM

Congrats to you and your son. I know how much effort and determination it takes to earn those designations. To be selected for the school alone is a great acheivement, but to graduate is a awesome feat. I interviewed for the EOD\Seal program twice while I was in the Navy, but was not selected.

obelix67 04-04-07 10:47 AM

Congratulations on him passing, its a great pity what those fine resources are going to be used for .......

archer70 04-04-07 06:14 PM

Quit your job, you only have your sons graduation once fron this. There is always another job, only one son. Just my opion.


umatillarider 04-04-07 07:36 PM

comeon obelix67, i admire your posts and your countrymen, and i know for a fact that the swiss have some very dedicated warriors in the world, both past and present. this young man is going where his country sends him, right or wrong. yes, right or wrong, and i too have a problem with that little phrase, but went to vietnam twice, and still have very mixed feelings about that one. not all military action is without honor, my friend, and the rangers go and do things we never hear about. there is a bittersweet agony in witnessing this father's pride. i never want to be there again.


661Rider 04-04-07 08:22 PM

Former Army man here so CONGRATS to your son. I know you must be proud. Heck, I'm proud for you both!

missing 04-05-07 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by obelix67
Congratulations on him passing, its a great pity what those fine resources are going to be used for .......

What is important is he believes in what he is doing.

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