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BigD42 04-06-07 06:40 AM

Super Sized clydes joining the group
I have been lurking around this site for a a couple of weeks now but felt it is time to join. I'm 6'3" and weight about 375lbs. I have been cycling for close to 20 years but also played football, basketball and other sports like snowboarding and golf. about 4 years ago I have a reaction with some penicillin and I was put on prednzone and my weight shot up 50lbs in 7 weeks (damn steroid). I haven't been able to drop this excess weight and I now I'm in trouble. I have type diabetes but it is managed but I need to loose this weight. I am fairly active during the summer, riding in the Beaconsfield cycling club in Montreal and doing about 120 to 150 km a week.

I am just happy I have been able to find a place where i can talk to people who understand what I am going through. I have 2 bikes: a customer Steel True North ( with Campy Veloce and a custom Guru Veloci'ti ( with Shimano 105. These are my babies and they both ride great. I look forward to gaining useful knowledge and insight from this forum. I will post some pics of my wheels when I can get my camara working again.


Turboem1 04-06-07 06:55 AM

Welcome. This is a great forum with a lot of support!

lebowitz 04-06-07 07:54 AM

Welcome to the forum... i think you'll find it helpful and motivating

Smitty77 04-06-07 08:49 AM

Welcome BigD, another 375 pounder checking in here!

ErikM 04-06-07 08:58 AM

Hi guys. I'm also an uber clyde who has been lurking around for a while. I'm 312 (down from 338), and thanks to the inspirational stories of the guys on this board, I just got off my 9 year old mountain bike (Cannondale Killer V 900) for the first ride I've taken in a loooooooong time.

Recently had a doctor appointment and my blood pressure went from pre-hypertension to hypertension, and got prescribed medication for it. Having to now take medication every day has been a great kick in the rear to get serious about my health. I had thought I would need to wait until I was lighter to start riding my bike, but after reading all those posts on this board for a while I just decided to do it. (Not to go all Nike on you . . .) Today I rode 2.6 miles over hilly terrain and was out for about 20 minutes. Not very long, but not a bad start!

Thanks to all of you guys for sharing your advice and stories.


(51) 04-06-07 09:08 AM

Welcome Uber-dudes!

I'm Uber as well

Tom Stormcrowe 04-06-07 09:46 AM

Welcome aboard....a former 581 pounder checking in here (I'm at 217 now!)

thebankman 04-06-07 12:28 PM


chunkyd 04-08-07 10:27 AM

Welcome!! 6'3 370 here! was 420-440!

This forum is the place to be!

FarHorizon 04-08-07 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by chunkyd
...This forum is the place to be!

Aint it the truth! Welcome BigD42!

PATH 04-08-07 12:28 PM

This forum is certainly the place to be for support and info!

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