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oopfoo 04-06-07 08:31 AM

Bike shop weight competition
The owner of my favorite bike shop--Todd May of Higher Ground in Tallahassee, Florida--just purchased a Toledo scale. It's one of those big ones that you typically see in grocery stores. We watched the installation and calibration the other day, then stepped up and started the weigh-ins. We took a few measurements, too. So now, every Tuesday, Todd is offering a prize of some sort to the greatest loss weekly (as a percentage of body weight), and there'll probably be some sort of periodic and overall prizes for total loss, size loss, etc. The competition is a great motivator--it's fun to encourage everyone about their weight and to do the weigh-ins, it's a pretty good idea to draw in some folks to the shop, plus the new scale is just cool as heck. EVERYONE who comes in steps on the scale.

My own strategy, as one of the largest there--at 6'3" and a starting weight of 245.5#, is to maintain steady loss over the long haul. I figure the squirts will probably win the first few--since they have less to lose to keep their loss-percentage high. They'll then top out pretty soon after losing a few pounds, then I'll pass them as I drop some of this 28% body fat. Win or lose, it's good fun for a good purpose.

How many of you do this sort of thing with your friends and coworkers?

biffstephens 04-06-07 08:52 AM

Our whole family watches the Biggest Looser when it is on TV....the kids like it and the transformation is amazing. I think it is a great idea....applause for Todd May of Higher Ground, what a great way to create your customer base and keep them more than likely....

Good luck in the competition!

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