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krazygluon 04-09-07 08:18 PM

Fixed Gear Clydes
After joining the ranks of the fixed gear cyclist this morning, I'm interested in hearing if any other clydes out there are single speed or fixxie riders.

as a short aside: for those thinking about this idea, if we clydes are so worried about rear-wheel strength to begin with, do we then need full on 40+ spoke touring/tandem wheels to do fixed reliably?

clancy98 04-09-07 08:30 PM

I am around your weight. All my bikes are on stock wheels, nothing over 36's. My fixie is on an al 32 spoke rear. you'll be fine!

roadfix 04-09-07 08:34 PM

Fixed wheels should be stronger as they are generally not dished to such extremes as multi-cogged wheels.

funrover 04-09-07 09:12 PM

I am about to home build a single speed!!

Da Tinker 04-10-07 05:13 AM

220 pounds and ride a fixie with a 32 spoke rear wheel. Have not had any troubles with it.

SpiderMike 04-10-07 09:03 AM

My SS Mtb and Fixed conversion are running on 36 hole, 3 cross. No problems. When I got my Madison, I was skeptical of the 32 hole wheelset. No problems so far. Found plenty of potholes, so far so good. The wheels have only been on the truing stand once. Part of my LBS's 30 day tuneup/check up. The head wrench said my wheels where barely out of round. I weigh in at 220. However I have been riding with my Camelbak filled up, puts me at 243-245.

superdex 04-10-07 09:20 AM

clyde-light (209) here, been riding fixed for about a year now, no worries (36h Weinmann DP18/Formula hubs, can be found here)

jyossarian 04-10-07 09:53 AM

I ride 32h Deep Vs from IRO and I'm 220#. Bombproof and still true. Click the IRO in my sig to see my fixed gear.

Black Shuck 04-10-07 01:24 PM

My fg has 32h Miche hubs and matching Mavic MA3 rims, they even took a spectacular crash and came out just slightly out of true.

superdex 04-10-07 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by jyossarian
I ride 32h Deep Vs from IRO and I'm 220#. Bombproof and still true. Click the IRO in my sig to see my fixed gear.

what hubs are those?

jyossarian 04-10-07 01:32 PM

Formulas rebadged as IROs.

Burrito Eater 04-10-07 01:33 PM

225 here. I ride a SS for my MTB and a fixie on the road. I have had no problems yet save for the rear wheel moving a tad in the horizontal dropout. A bigger wrench fixed that.

jiminim 04-13-07 07:28 PM

I built up my first fixed wheel and made the mistake of mixing a formula hub with a cheapo stamped cog. Stripped it at ~1000 miles. Replaced with an ebayed formula hub / sun rim and a nice EAI hub and it has been holding up very well. Running 42x16 with my 220 + 20 of gear on it and no problems since December and ~600 miles.

audioel 04-13-07 09:34 PM

Uber clyde here (310#). I ride a Redline 925. I've had a few problems with breaking spokes in the rear wheel on the stock wheelset, but it does have a lot of miles on it. I had my LBS check it out, and they said the problem was the spoke tension was too low. The wheels are formula hubs laced to something that looks like 36h alex rims.

I have velocity fusions (36h front, 40h rear) on my roadbike. Those have been bulletproof. I also ride a cheapo set of 28h/32h vueltas on another SS bike I have. Those have worked out surprisingly good.

I just ordered a new wheelset - formula track hubs with weinmann DP18's. 36/36. Pretty cheap on ebay, and seem to have gotten good reviews on these forums.

Now that my fixie is my daily ride - it feels funny to ride my ultegra road bike. :)

rykoala 04-13-07 11:16 PM

Uber cylde here, 315lbs. 1987 Rock Hopper fixed gear with IRO hub laced to a Velocity cliffhanger wheel. BULLETPROOF. 1.25" tires at 95psi hitting a pot hole at full force at 20mph. Still true as the day I unpacked it.

Lost Pup 04-14-07 06:18 AM

Actually building up a Kona Paddy Wagon Fixie today. Parts are all new with most purchased from Ebay.

Wheelset = 32 x IRO hubs, Velocity Deep V rims, DT Double Butted Spokes, Conti 700x28 Gatorskins Tires = Trouble Free I hope.

I have used 32X rims on my others bikes and not had any problems so with less dish I would think the fixed wheel would be just as durable.

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