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WhaleOil 04-16-07 07:48 PM

Vitamins -Supplements
Hi Guys! Down 12# in 2 weeks. Been doing my Bowflex routine and walking (killing myself) on the incline cardio-walk. I've questioned the forum for posts concerning vitamins but it always gives me a null report.

I've carved my diet way down to human proportions instead of Firefighter sized and just did some shopping to include: brown rice, beans, meat and vegies. Whatever I put in my mouth I think of as protein, whole grain, complex carbs or fiber. I notice the difference.

In the past I have 'juiced'. I think you know what I mean. Thinking of juicing again. Or should I just pound the vitamins?

I just take 1 multi vitamin (generic) / day but wonder if there is a better quality vitamin to take.


Hardheadmandca 04-16-07 09:19 PM

Try "Muscle Milk". I've dropped 20 pounds recently working out and riding, and adding Muscle Milk into my routine. Its combinations of proteins have worked very well for me in muscle recovery and in generally helping me lose weight.

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