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manual_overide 04-16-07 08:58 PM

is my rear hub really worn out?
I've been riding my Allez for a while now and I've got somewhere along 1200 miles on it. On my last long ride, the bike started making a horrible grinding noise. I thought "Great. My lard butt broke another spoke and I'll need to get the wheel trued again." I pulled over to look, but nothing was wrong. I rode the last 10 miles home and found that the noise was coming from the rear wheel. I recently took the wheel to the LBS where they overhauled the thing, but it didn't fix it. I brought the whole bike back today so they could hear for themselves. The mech at the shop was the one who did the original work and he now thinks the rear hub has gotten pitted and worn out. They've offered to sell me a new wheelset minus the $20 they charged for the overhaul.

So, is it possible for the hub to wear out like that after so few miles? I'm no featherweight at 250 lbs, but the wheels are pretty sturdy. I did have to ride about 5 miles on a broken spoke and half inflated tire once about 3 months before the grinding started, could that have caused it?

Hub: Ritchey Sport
Wheel: Alex DA-22, 32 spoke

Halthane 04-16-07 09:15 PM

Was it a new bike?
Never in wet/salty/muddy conditions?
Were the hubs propperly adjusted?

1200 miles seems awfully low for a set of hub bearings to be trashed out. But if the bearings aren't well sealed moisture and grit can do a number on the races, as can improper adjustment. You might find another shop and see if they think the same thing.

You might also want to check out and/or ask about this in the mechanics forum.


(51) 04-17-07 01:50 AM

Maybe you got a bad hub. I'm Uber, and I I have over 5,000 miles on my Shimano hub.

late 04-17-07 05:32 AM

was prob defective. Could have been put together without grease.
I've seen both.

Either way, you need a new rear wheel, or a set. What is the LBS suggesting?

I used Mavic CXP33 rims for 4 years, I even toured with them. Built properly,
they are an ideal Clyde rim. If what your bike shop offers doesn't impress, look into this...

v1k1ng1001 04-17-07 11:04 PM

Yeah, something's wrong when a hub dies at 1200 miles.

manual_overide 04-19-07 06:51 PM

good news! it seems the overhaul worked after I did a 30 mile the other day. At the end of the ride, I could no longer hear or feel any grinding. The new grease must have just worked it's way in during the ride

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