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magoolc1 04-17-07 08:57 PM

Looking at new bikes, need good opinions
Well this summer i think im going to make the plunge to a road bike. Ive always wanted one and want the speed. I am still in the low 300lb range so i know the wheels will be an issue but doable. The bikes im looking at are
Colnago primavera. always wanted a nago ,italian boy wants italian bike
Bianchi imola/veloche: both are steel i beleive
specialized allez
schwinn peloton pro dont know if carbon will hold me
trek 1500
felt f4
jamis xenith
felt z65
I like them all but have hared many horror stories of aluminum frames and how they ride. I like the Allez so far but i have only rode 2 of the bikes on the list.
My main goal is to find a bike shop who will work with me on the wheel set. If i cant get one to work with me ill build something from IRO. I just want a fast/comfortable road bike. Ill probaly never race and its main goal is trails/street and some long distance stuff. Any help is appreciated

old and new 04-17-07 09:19 PM

you've mentioned some good ones,I'm a an Iti too, the ethnocentricity comes into play.Ah proposito...Bianchi make a few nice ones,the ones you stated are steel and good.I weigh 240, I've weighed 368,back then,I road my wifes giant hybrid, steel one.Giant has no steel now.Trek makes ONE steel,a good one but you don't list it,it's a 520. Colnago, forget it,although I found a steel on one..PM.. me. IF...There ARE better choices,most nagos aside from a rare few ,are light and 'll set ya back 3,ooo or more.Schwinn is Aluminum these days. Bianchi steel bikes ,the Imola and others are Taiwan..OK..I almost bought one.I bought a fancier bike,not postin' the picture though,not yet. The Imola has questionable wheels ,I see what you meen,that was my concern too,you HAVE seen thier sight ..NO ??..the Strada and Brava have stong enough wheels,besides,if you busted them,you can get hand-builts for 300,after spending LESS than a thou. on the bike,that's not so bad.THe VOLPE is in the "cross" catagory, check it out as well. Jamis has some bikes too.Felty is ALL alum..HEY alum. is good, YOU mentioned steel first.I tried chasing the Italian steel bike dream,I caught it. Honestly,if I didn't already have other bikes,I would have bought one of the ones we've stated.Start out with a bike for 7 to 14 at MOST. Alum. is harsh,now that you've thought about it,it'll stay in your mind.I DO prefer steel,NOT as fast or as light,it has a "nicer" feel(opinion).

DC Wheels 04-18-07 08:36 AM

I am in the 260's. I ride a Bianchi Volpe and I put on 32mm slicks. It is a steel touring/cross bike. I like it. It is not a road racer but at my weight I am not going to win any races soon.

bdinger 04-18-07 09:10 AM

The steel Bianchis will blow every other one away ride-wise. Seriously, you will ride one and wonder why you even thought of a Al road bike.

Go with steel. That's my .02 :)

cheeseflavor 04-18-07 09:18 AM

Linda and I purchased a couple of Bianchi San Jose single-speeds late last year. I mention this one because I'm told it's the same frame as the Volpe. Steel frame, comfortable geometry (more upright than a "race" road bike), decent components for the money, and I can vouch for the ride quality.

Another good bike that I can vouch for is Sequoia from Specialized. Again, same upright geometry (for a road bike), aluminum frame with a *good* ride quality and a decent component set for an inexpensive bike.



chipcom 04-18-07 09:46 AM

I'm a Bianchi fan...especially vintage Bianchis with the classic frame geometry. I picked up both of mine for like $50 each on e-bay and either replaced what needed replaced or rebuilt it from the frame up to my preferences.

magoolc1 04-18-07 06:07 PM

Thanks for the good input. Some of the biles i mentioned are carbon too. No one reallly commented on carbon for big guys. The Allez actually rode well to me anyway for a aluminum. My whole life i have wanted a race bike, but i also want to be comfortable on a long ride. My search continues.

jaxgtr 04-18-07 07:19 PM

I just got an Specialized Allez off craig's list and it is a great ride. Very comfortable, well worth the $700.00. I took a test ride on a Bianchi and it was nice, but if I was going to spend money on a steel frame, I would definitely look at the Indy Fab bikes, those are sweet machines. I already have my color picked out. :D

Primetime75 04-18-07 07:26 PM

I ride a Felt F65. Great Bike. Only Upgraded the wheels to 32h Mavic A719, kind of heavy. I ride at 300, and can't wait to get the pounds off.

magoolc1 04-18-07 08:57 PM

Upon futher searching I reallly like the looks of the vigorelli. It has very nice components and is in my 2000 dollar range and im a wheeler dealer so im sure i can get a lbs to get me diffrent wheels for about sticker on the bike. But if i dont like the ride i like the felt and allez.

Seamus 04-19-07 03:12 PM

I wouldn't write off AL frames. With carbon stays and fork, a modern AL frame can have a nice ride. That said, my #1 roadbike is custom steel, and the ride is just *that* much nicer than any aluminum frame I've ridden. My tri-bike is AL with carbon fork and stays.


Green Jager 04-19-07 05:53 PM

I started with an Alum Giant OCR1 and it was fine and actually a great ride. I now have an OCRC1 carbon and no problems and at 290 I am not small man. I did have to change the saddle but that was about it. I did try a felt at the same shop I just did not like the way that it felt versuses the Giant. But the Felt is a nice bike.

magoolc1 04-19-07 08:44 PM

If i can find a colnago dealer in missouri and like the ride that will be my bike, if not i like the bianchi. I want to get on one of the full carbons i mentioned earlier. I have never been on one

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