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Michael_Scott 04-24-07 10:40 PM

Which bike to choose?
hi ive finally decided on these 2 bikes. at least for now. i would like your guys opinion on which one is better. im guessing its obvious but oh well.

any input would be great. thx guys:)

fat_bike_nut 04-24-07 11:17 PM

Which two bikes? They aren't showing up in the link.

PATH 04-24-07 11:30 PM

No show!

Michael_Scott 04-25-07 04:28 PM

woops sorry i hope these links work.

both marin bikes. im getting a pretty good deal on these at a lbs my friend works at.

Marin bobcat trai.

Marin Bolinas

thx guys.

fat_bike_nut 04-25-07 05:36 PM

I don't see too much of a difference, other than the disc brakes.

Also, the more expensive bike looks to be equipped with slightly better components.

It's been said before, but I'll say it again:

Just test ride 'em and see. If you still like both equally...well, it'll depend on whether you think disc brakes are worth the higher price.

bdinger 04-25-07 06:38 PM

Hrm, interesting. This is one of those where I think it might actually be worth the money. The price difference is somewhat minimal, and you get some good upgrades. The wheelset, fork, and tires on the Bobcat look to be much better. And you get the bonus of disc brakes, which are good for us clydes :). I've had great luck with Kool-Stop pads on V-Brakes, but discs still blow 'em away.

The Dart isn't high-end, but it's certainly better than the other fork. And from everything I've heard, it's stupid durable.

I say ride 'em both, and see which you like best. I'd go for the Bobcat if it was me, but I'm not the one riding it :)

Michael_Scott 04-26-07 10:20 AM

thanks for the info guys. ya i think im gonna go for the bobcat. i can gete it for a bit more than 400 so its a pretty good deal.

im 5'7 and 260 so hopefully it'll work well for me.

what parts of the bike do u think would need upgrading if at all for a clyde like me?

i pretty much know nothing about bikes except how to ride one.:o

bdinger 04-26-07 06:52 PM

Wow, that's an awesome price.

And as far as parts? Doesn't look like anything. At your weight, it should be great. Enjoy it and.. post pics!! :D

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