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breadbin 04-26-07 10:15 AM

Went for my first cycle went great!
Just a quick note saying how I went for my first cycle yesterday evening. The first of many I hope. It went great, started off like a rocket and was a bit banjoed after 20 minutes but I got the energy back and felt great when I got back. I did 40km in total in about 90 minutes. I plan to go out either Friday or Saturday so fingers crossed.:)

jaxgtr 04-26-07 10:26 AM

holy cow, 90 mins on your first ride! Excellent. I did 25 and thought I was going to pass out. Of course it was 95 degrees and 90% humidity so that might have something to do with it. Nice job.

(51) 04-26-07 05:39 PM

My first ride after a 25 year hiatus lasted about 10 minutes. I went home and took a nap. My knees were sore for a week!

Excellent job. Let us know how you feel in the morning :D

breadbin 04-27-07 01:03 AM

I am on a racing bike so I was able to fly along especially on the way back with the wind on my back. I used to do alot of cycling about 15 years ago too. The legs are great. Bit wobbly after the ride and cramped up during the ride but now not a bother. I do alot of walking and went for a walk after. Best thing to do maybe. I hope I can keep it up, I have a nasty habit of not finishing things I start:)

v1k1ng1001 04-30-07 12:02 AM

Just go out every day, even if you feel like ****. I almost never regret going for a ride once I fall in the groove, even if I have a nasty hangover or something.

MrChuckles 04-30-07 05:34 AM

I went on my first read ride Saturday. It was great for the first 7 miles. I mailed it in for th last mile back to the car. I think keeping up with some old guy on his mountain bike did me in. He passed me and i stuck about 10 feet behind him for a couple of miles. After that I was toast.

blake711 04-30-07 08:34 AM

25 Miles or 40km is a lot to ride even after riding for a while. All I Can say is you are already in good shape or you need to be carful doing that much to begin with.


breadbin 05-01-07 01:30 AM

I hear you blake, unfortunately I have not been out since. might try a handier ride next time. I might even go out on the mountian bike for comfort, just to get out. I feel great once I am out but it is the getting out that is the problem. I am doing alot of walking these days so I am not too put out. - ed

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