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canuck_srx 06-18-07 06:56 PM

trek 820
so i have some time off from fishing and did some researching at bike shops.

i was lookin at a trek 820 but i would like to know all your opinions on this bike any help would be appricated. and what is the maximum psi you could put in a tire?

thanks in advance


Bill Kapaun 06-19-07 12:54 AM

They've been making 820's since 87?
Looking at the 2007 version, it appears (to me anyway) like a decent entry level bike for the money. You could probably do much worse.
Tire pressure? That depends on the tires. Some "road" tires run well over 100 PSI.
If you're talking about MB tires, there's usually not much reason to go beyond 60-65 PSI. Less may be desireable for certain conditions.
I have a 1991 (or 2?) 820 Antelope for a back up bike.

ang1sgt 06-19-07 05:51 AM

The Trek 820 has been around for awhile. Good sturdy bike with acceptable parts on it. I kind of wish they would upgrade the parts and leave the Suspension fork off. I'm not big on suspension forks anyway at this price point.

The tires on this bike are pretty basic tires. PSI range from 35-65 ish. There are some higher quality 26x1.5 inch high pressure tires around. My Favorite is actually a Michelin Country Rock and it's a 26x1.75 inch tire. I think it's good for 85 PSI and it rolls fast and stable. My Trek 970 that is out on loan has an older version of this tire on it and has held up very well.

A Trek Dealer will have the Bontrager line of tires most likely and they also have some good quick tires, but their PSI range is only in the 65 psi range.

The deal with tire pressure is to have enough PSI so that you don't have a snake bite flat or have the tire roll off the rim while off road. On the road, you want enough to give you a good fast ride. Some tires are much better at this than others. It will depend on how and where you ride.

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