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themickeyd 06-25-07 01:35 PM

Have fixie will ride. .
Well, I have been riding my Schwinn fixie conversion for about a month now. It's only been back and forth to work and a couple of short side trips and it has been real fun. So I went and got cocky and decided to ride it in the Tour de Pierce (A county parks and rec fund rasier). Having to chose from 12 miles, 30 miles and 50 miles, I picked the 30 mile ride (hey, Im fat. Not brain dead). It was a flat ride so I left my gearing at 50x19 or around 70-71 gear inches. There was an optional hill climb that they had a detour around if needed.

Well, it was normal Great Northwet weather and left the parking lot in a drizzle. I felt really stiff the first few miles, just couldn't get a groove going. But finally I did find my spot and got my cruise on. Only 1 real wrong turn added on a couple of minutes, made me feel better that there were 5 or 6 others that missed the turn as well. We all got on course and headed off to the rest area. I stayed only about 3 minutes as I have found if I rest too much it's much harder to get going. Soon as I get out it starts pouring rain. Glasses were hard to see out of and had to slow it down a bit. And wouldn't you know it but the rain "helped" me miss the detour around the hill. So Im crusing down the road and look up to see the cliff. .err hill. I just gave the old rebel yell and pounded up. I got about 1/3 to 1/2 way up before I decided to unclip and do a graceful dismount. It was only another 200 yards to the top so I started walking. Once at the top I was able to remount and ride down the hill. God, it's no where as fun going down hills on the fixie. Had to keep it down to 20 mph or I start worring about a pedal strike going around a corner. But as quick as the hill appeared, it was over and off to a MUP back to the start. I wanted to finish in under 2 hours. Only 4 miles to go and I need to kick it into over drive after that walk. So I push it and get the candence up and hold it at 20.5 miles per hour on the last 3 miles into town.

As I pull into the parking lot and stop behind my truck I look down and see that I beat my goal. Total time out was 1 hour 52 minutes. I also beat my goal of taking the detour and attempted the hills on a bike geared way too high. I didn't make the hill but I gave it a heck of a shot and made it farther than I expected. Good ride all the way round and even the sun came out when I was putting my gear away for the drive home.

europa 06-25-07 08:23 PM

Fixies are good fun alright. 'onya mate :D


ang1sgt 06-26-07 03:51 AM

Great story and a better personal best for ya! Congrats!

rokphotography 06-26-07 10:51 AM

mmm fixies are fun.. something about conversions, there will always be a spot in them in my book. all i have to say is that if you are the skiddish type when going down hills try to skip more= save tires. i learned that the hard way by eating through a rando in 1 week YUCK! good story and good riding

themickeyd 06-26-07 12:17 PM

My fixie has been a blast and I have gotta say probably the best training bike I have. It has done so much in improving my pedal stroke and leg strength in such a short amount of time. The only thing that really made me skiddish was the 2 90 degree turns on the steep down hill. I haven't had a pedal strike yet but that really wasn't the place to see how far I could push the lean. I am really glad that I didn't bow to peer pressure and left both front and rear brakes on my bike. I just don't see effective braking from the drive chain, I mean I am 348 lbs and it takes a $hit load to get it to stop from 20 mph with out using the brakes.

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