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Shubox 06-27-07 07:23 PM

What a great day!!
I took yesterday off of riding so I wanted a big ride today most I have done is 15 miles so far. So I packed up a backpack with some water and gatoraid about 10 fig newtons and headed out. I headed to the LBS about 4 miles away to get some chain oil asked them where is a good trail he pointed it out on a map and I headed out.

Found the trail only lasted about 8 miles kinda sucked but I kept pedaling found another lasted a few miles hit a street I knew rode on that a while looked at my GPS unit and it said 58 mins 10 miles (had it on in the bike shop 15 mins or so) Not bad I thought my legs shaking a bit while waiting for a light. once I hit 15 miles I could swear someone replaced my legs with BIONIC ones because I did the next 15 miles in <1 hour I didnt want to stop when I got close to home but the damnest thing happened my front tire completely blew 2 city blocks away from my house. I was going to keep going past it to hit a perfect 30 but had to stop at 29.2

When that second wind kicked in I felt like I was 18 again the best high I ever felt in my life. Tomorrow I am going to try 30 - 40 miles then take Friday lightly.

29.2 miles
14.7 average MPH

not bad for my 280 lb a$$ :)

Tom Stormcrowe 06-27-07 07:29 PM

Yep, it takes 10-12 miles for my legs to warm up and then I'm good for a century or more. It takes time to dilate the arteries and veins to properly supply the muscles with O2 and Glucose is all.

Stujoe 06-27-07 07:36 PM

Very good!

I always seem to start off a little sluggishly and then get into it after a mile or two. Then I am pretty good until about 22 to 25 and I start to wear down. I push myself past it to get to 25-30. It isn't always pretty at the end but I always end glad I did the extra.

bdinger 06-27-07 09:07 PM

I'm the same. I've been stretching my commutes out, as the 2 mile version doesn't seem to get my legs warmed up at all, it's mostly like a teaser. The 5 mile version, however, seems about perfect.

It's not uncommon for that to happen, as Tom said there are very scientific reasons for it.

And boy does it ever feel good :).

(51) 06-28-07 01:37 AM

Nice Ride!

By the way, did you ever figure out why the front wheel blew out?

Shubox 06-28-07 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by (51)
Nice Ride!

By the way, did you ever figure out why the front wheel blew out?

ya roofing nail tore up the tube bad. went through and bent and through again.

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