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peterockindy 07-04-07 12:57 PM

Hey guys I figure I will be posting here regularly so I'll go ahead and introduce myself. I'm Pete from Indianapolis a 26 year old bartender. I gave up riding about 6 years ago for drinking, smoking cigarettes and staying out too late. After wanting the thrill of riding again last year I went out and purchased a bianchi san jose SS cyclocross which I used to di*k around the neighborhood. I stumbled across a hell of a deal on a all steel road bike with full ultegra last week and pulled the trigger on it. The bianchi wasn't the right choice for distance riding or trying to keep up with my overachieving volleyball playing girlfriend. After riding the roadie every day since I bought it I have decided to make the commitment to get myself back into shape. I'm going to start slow and hope my early next year to be somewhat close to my old weight of 215lbs and not the robust 255 I am now.

(51) 07-04-07 01:02 PM

Welcome aboard! Good luck with your weight loss quest!

JoeMetal 07-04-07 01:09 PM

Hey, I think that you'll find that there's a fair amount of Indiana clydes around. I'm from Bloomington for example and I'm around 250.

On a side note, what did you end up doing with the SS cyclocross? You don't happen to the be the one unloading on Craigslist, are you?

peterockindy 07-04-07 01:45 PM

yup thats me... I havent gotten any bites on it so I am debating whether or not to keep it and make a flat bar liquor store bike.

ScrubJ 07-05-07 07:20 PM


And keep the bike

(It's an addiction thing)

Caincando1 07-05-07 07:48 PM


chunkyd 07-05-07 08:03 PM

Welcome aboard! Say goodby to 255 :)

Well myself,Tom and a few others will be riding tour de cure in Indy Next week july 14th.

What bar you work at? i might come by to chug a few guilt beers! hahah :D


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