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Neil_B 07-07-07 06:39 AM

The Core Team
An interesting post at Fat Cyclist:

Do any clydes have a "core team' they ride with? I mean the sort of regular riding companions that make any ride a good ride?

I don't have a team, but I do have two duos, if you will. We all know about me and other Neil. Frankly I might not have completed my metric century last week without him to talk to. But in addition my gym buddy Dennis and I are notorious for hilarious conversations up and down the local trails. One day I made the mistake of listening to Dennis and following his suggestion of a shortcut "path" back to the trailhead. His "path" was an abandoned hiking trail along the Perkiomen, complete with overhanging trees, poison ivy, rocks, and a three foot wide gully that he suggested I try to ride across.

I wasn't entirely pleased to be taken mountain biking on my non-mountain bike:

"You have wide tires, you should be able to handle this."

"Look Dennis, just because I have fat tires and my helmet has a visor doesn't mean this is a mountain bike."

"I don't have a mountain bike. That's not stopping me."

"Yeah, you have the world's first off-road bike with fenders."

"I love my fenders. Listen to the rocks bounce off them! You should get fenders too, since you have those pan-thingies on the back - what are they called?"

"Panniers. It's French."

"French. Couldn't we call them something else?"

"Like what?"

"Anything but something French."

"I don't know.... freedom bags?"

"YES! Freedom bags! It's perfect!"

"Ok, freedom bags it is. By the way, if we both survive this trail, I'm killing you."

"Come on Neil, isn't this fun?"

"It is fun, but I'm killing you for taking me on this just the same."

"This is much better than riding on the road with those damn cagers!"

"I'm sorry I taught you that word, Dennis."

"Almost done. We're almost there."

"Remind me to get some new friends when I get off the trail."

"You'll never get another friend like me."

"Isn't that a comforting thought."

solveg 07-07-07 07:05 AM

I wish* I had someone to ride with. I'm finding that I'm OK if I'm going somewhere I've never been before, but if it's a route I've taken a couple times, I get bored and wish I had company.

(51) 07-07-07 07:11 AM

Me, my shadow and the occasional Mr. Raccoon. No one wants to ride at 4AM

Wogster 07-07-07 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by (51)
Me, my shadow and the occasional Mr. Raccoon. No one wants to ride at 4AM

Would love to, problem is, I'm at work at 4AM:rolleyes:

Of course being 1100 miles away, doesn't help:D

fifthcircle 07-07-07 08:49 AM

That's funny.
I have a riding buddy, and we seem to have some funny chats along the way too. He also doesn't complain at all if I need a break. I just got back from a road ride with him (first one for me since I got my roadie). We averaged about 18mph on a flat trail. I drafted him for 30seconds here and there to catch my breath.

We kinda got each other into cycling. He started riding a walmart bike for exercise, and I took him to a local singletrack. He loved it and bought a nicer bike. Then we went to Moab. Now we have road bikes. So who knows where this will go LOL!

solveg 07-07-07 10:05 AM

Oh, man! I ride at 5 in the summers! Wish Florida were closer! It's the best time to ride... no cars, no one in much of a hurry, soft light, cool temps, and lots of critters....

KingTermite 07-07-07 10:12 AM

You MUST have riding partners. One of the first things I noticed early on in cycling was that by myself, my mind "thought" about the ride and I didn't go as far. If I had someone(s) to ride with, we chatted and we'd usually go a LOT further.

Granted, I've come a long way and can often go further on my own now....much further, but I still think I can/could go "even further" than that with ride partners.

Obviously I lost my ride partners from FL (I had two), but have recently started riding with another BF member from here.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-07-07 10:13 AM

Well, let's see.......

I have only ridden with him a couple of times, but I enjoy riding with Mariner Fan, and enjoyed riding with Ryan, and plan to do more rides with them.

ChunkyD is a pretty good ride partner as well.

That's as close as I come to a core group. Most of the time, I ride with the wife, or solo if I want some speed or solitude. I actually do best distance solo though, because I can drop down inside myself and hit a meditative state on the ride and the miles just disappear that way.

chunkyd 07-07-07 10:17 AM

this is the perfect itme to suggest a casual meetup and ride for this forum..

how about it? i'm in illinois and love driving... if its within 6 hours count me in, if not then i need to plan it out a little more but i'm still in.

JoeMetal 07-07-07 10:22 AM

I'm a fan of monthly Indiana clyde group riding. Or at least, I would be if there was a monthly Indiana clyde group ride. ;)

solveg 07-07-07 10:23 AM

There's no way I could keep up with a group ride right now.

JoeMetal 07-07-07 10:26 AM

solveg, that's what I think as well, but Tom suggested I try it anyways and other have said that I'll love it. I guess it all depends on the group you ride with. If you are with friendly riders, then some of them should be making sure you don't fall behind and keeping you motivated.

chunkyd 07-07-07 10:38 AM

Solveg and JoeMetal - Toms right.. give it a shot and it would be a casual ride anyways more about meeting everyone in the forum then spinning it out.

BTW - Joe i was in Bloomington,In for the first time in my life 2 months ago.. i loved it great town! way better than bloomington,Il where i'm at! lol

Tom Stormcrowe 07-07-07 10:40 AM

Upcoming rides:

Sizzling Century

Hilly Hundred

The Wife and I are definitely doing these......sign up! The Hilly is worth the drive even from Minnesota!

East Hill 07-07-07 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by solveg
There's no way I could keep up with a group ride right now.

Depends on the group, Solveg. I just acted as a ride leader for the first time in my life for a group of women who live in the southern part of Seattle/Renton/Kent/Auburn. A very nice ride--flat with a gentle, but continual upward grade for about 12 miles, then some hill climbing along a rural road with no shoulder (so the new people could get used to road riding), through part of my favourite MUP, then finished off with a great downhill descent for a total of around 31 miles. I made certain that no one was left behind, and tried to keep the pace at 15 mph. I had one rider who had only ridden five times previously :eek: . If we'd needed to go slower, we would have gone slower. You can improve amazingly fast if you have someone who brings out the best in you.

East Hill

solveg 07-07-07 12:50 PM

Well, you guys inspired me.

I was at my LBS this morning, and they're a laid back BOB (Bridgestone Owners Bunch) type of shop. I knew they had a Saturday morning ride, and they seemed really non-competitive. They said I was welcome any time I felt ready, and they never leave anyone behind... the owner leads the group and said I could wink at him if I got tired and he'd make it shorter, since they never have a set route in mind.

So I'm going to work hard to get to the point where I can join them!

solveg 07-07-07 12:51 PM

Any other Twin Citians out there send me an email and I'll tell you more about the shop, if you're interested in the ride.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-07-07 12:56 PM

Well, Solveg, if crazylady and I were in the Twin Cities, we'd definitely ride with ya!

Actually, I have a few people around the area I'd like to hook up with from my blog, etc, so ya never know! We may get that way next Summer!

billdeebs 07-07-07 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by chunkyd
this is the perfect itme to suggest a casual meetup and ride for this forum..

how about it? i'm in illinois and love driving... if its within 6 hours count me in, if not then i need to plan it out a little more but i'm still in.

Whereabouts in Illinois? I'm in Darien and wouldn't mind somebody to ride with for the brief distances I'm currently able to ride.... Hit me with a PM if you're interested.


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