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theefool 07-24-07 10:47 AM

Help to choose first FS bike.
Yet another lurker who still needs some info to choose a bike.

I currently own a Trek 830, which I got in 1999. So, I believe it is time for a new bike. I'm currently 6'6" and weight about 250 lbs. While I was in the military I was around 190. I'd love to get back to about 200.

I originally planned on buying a GF Supercaliber 29er, but heard about the frame flexing on anyone who was over 240lbs. Then I was thinking about the Hifi pro (or wait for the hifi 29er for next year).

Presently, I'm eying the 2007 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert, which retails for $3300. This is about the limit I am going on buying a FS for my weight class.

Btw, I want FS, that also has lockouts, which I believe the FSR expert has.


Tom Stormcrowe 07-24-07 10:56 AM

Well, the Stumpjumper is a great bike! All I can say is ride it and see what you think!

UtRacerDad 07-24-07 11:00 AM

I ride a HiFi Pro, it is one of the best bikes I have riden. I haven't noticed any frame flex in it and I'm around 275. I rode a sugar before the HiFi and loved it, but the HiFi is a better and plusher ride than the sugar was.

Right now my HiFi is set up stock and I haven't had any problems with rims or the frame. up until about 3 weeks ago I was riding it on trails twice a week, but sadly that's done for then next 3 to 6 months.

The HiFi does have lockouts on both the front and rear shocks

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