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FractalSquirrel 07-27-07 03:16 AM

What the heck is this thing?
I saw this at the Procession of the Species Parade. Looks like it would hold the largest of clydesdale without a problem. Bouncing of the frame causes the offset wheelhub to rotate.

What is it? Is there a name of this type of two wheeled human powered contraption?

clearwaterms 07-27-07 05:42 AM

it looks like tom is riding / driving / navigating it though

flip18436572 07-27-07 05:47 AM

It looks like his left foot is the brake.

Caincando1 07-27-07 05:49 AM

Hoosier dirt track tires... I love it!

fifthcircle 07-27-07 05:55 AM

With that size of tires, I would upgrade the brakes from Converse to at least Nike. :D

neilfein 07-27-07 06:43 AM

That is... obscene, yet fascinatingly cool. How did he propel it? I see no pedals or whatnot.

Shubox 07-27-07 07:01 AM

looks like he pushes the tire with his foot that would get very very very annoying for me

tpelle 07-27-07 07:45 AM

OP said that bouncing of the frame caused an offset linkage at the rear hub to rotate the tire.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-27-07 07:48 AM

Cool, a Frankenscooter!

Shubox 07-27-07 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by tpelle (Post 4943051)
OP said that bouncing of the frame caused an offset linkage at the rear hub to rotate the tire.

Ah hah I see that now thats kinda cool!!! I want one then I can go the same speed as my wife!!!! LOL glad she doesnt read this forum :P I am kidding of course her darn Navigator 2.0 goes quicker then my 4500 at half the effort.

Pupsocket 07-27-07 10:28 AM

The eccentric rear hub will mess with the steering geometry every revolution. I'd be leery taking that thing down any steep grades. :)

Turboem1 07-27-07 11:26 AM

heres a company that makes one. They even have some videos of it in action

Nycycle 07-27-07 08:55 PM

Except for the paint I thought it was my buddy Danno's Canondale Fatty.

FractalSquirrel 07-28-07 03:43 AM

Thanks Turboem1 for the link to the video. It does show the inchworm type 'gait' that thing had when he was riding it.

There were several people riding these types of bikes there like this one.

schnee 07-28-07 09:30 AM

Kangaroo bike!

Air 07-28-07 10:57 AM


You may not get far on the HulaBike, but you'll have fun trying.
Awesome :D

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