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brodie 08-02-07 05:51 AM

i finally took some pics.
well, yesterday i couldnt wait anymore and,decided that the paint had cured long enough. also,i was spurred on by my newest bike, which i have found out is called a - CAMELBACK SCHWINN.
I GOT THIS LITTLE RED BEAUTY FOR $10. IT APPEARS TO BE BASICALLY BRAND NEW. i guess somebody really didnt feel much like riding. anywaze, i will post pictures of both bikes.

oh yeah. you may not believe me, but the little red varsity, is a lot heavier than the 3 colred one, although it is much,much smaller. i cant quite figure out why. anyway,heres my krylon spray painted schwinn varsity. also i may as well give a pic of the camelback varsity that i have now fallen in love with in 24 hours.please look past the hanging plastic handlebar tape as,i vandleized this bike for the spray painted one.

brodie 08-02-07 06:00 AM

also,i was thinking,since my printer does stickers and,transfers and,all of that,i will maybe print my name out and put it on there. or i may just keep the naked look.

HandsomeRyan 08-02-07 06:44 AM


should you have masked off the gears before painting though?

brodie 08-02-07 07:51 AM

well,someone had posted a link on here about the bikes of amsterdam.then there was an article in our local paper. same thing. some of those folks had just sprayed the whole bike. seat and all. some were horrid. some were pretty cool. so as long as i was rattlin cans around,i just laid the crank down on some paper and,gave it a little flavor. i like it. personally. i KNOW DARNED WELL, i wont see another one of these coming or going. and the krylon turned out so much better than i thought it would.

i did about 30 xboxes and,playstation 2 systems for people and,i used to enjoy doing that. we would come up with a idea and, next thing you know,custom xbox.

so now im thinking of doing a custom paint job for next year.i will sketch something out and shoot it.
but for today,i need to put some pedals and, a chain on their and get to ridin.:D

hr2510 08-02-07 08:35 AM

Nice paint job. I really like the looks of the camelbacks. Wish they would have made them in larger sizes. There is one on CL with upright bars and I think the uprights go nicely with the camelback. Makes for a kind of roadie/cruiser cross.


brodie 08-02-07 08:58 AM

man i shoulda been asleep hours ago. but i keep doing stuff to these bikes. i cant stop.
i love this little camelback bike. i too wish that they woulda come in a larger frame size. its a cool lookin little bike.i can look at it and,while i love it like it is, i can also see a lot of potential for custom work.

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