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fc_ 08-06-07 07:06 AM

Once more into the wind....
Sunday was a cold, windy ride of 45 miles with some moderate hills at the end. At the end my legs were mostly gone, but I really wanted to get my ride in.

The weather looks about the same for today, and its our "in office" day for our development team. I usually ride in (30 miles, but flat, with only one bridge to cross). My legs are still a bit sore after yesterday. Sitting here and going back and forth about riding in or taking public transit. Leaning towards just sucking it up and doing the full ride in, with an option of catching the train part of the way if my legs complain too much.

Hope to do the ride all the way in. Wish me luck :)

Tom Stormcrowe 08-06-07 07:50 AM


fc_ 08-06-07 12:23 PM

Well, turns out the schedule was screwed up, and the real meeting is tomorrow. 7 1/2 miles into my ride, my cell phone rings and the office manager lets me know. Turned around and came home. Guess I'll count this as a small recovery ride and hope my legs bounce back for tomorrow.

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