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damnable 08-07-07 05:04 AM

To eat or not to eat...that is the question
Before you get to worried, no this is not about serious fasting.

A couple of time a week I attend a long exercise class that goes from about 6.30-8.30 and I end up going pretty much straight from work.

Now the thing is, after two hours of this when I get home, I am often just not hungry.

Now, is dinner a meal like breakfast where you really should eat something at least vaugely substantial, or am I OK just well...not eating? From what little I know I think it is OK with the exception that I am not getting my dinner veges and vitamins.

I was having protein shakes afterwards for a while but then our blender blew up and I can never shake them hard enough to not be crunchy.

Thanks for your help

Halthane 08-07-07 05:59 AM

I would say it depends on what you are exercising for. But as far as rebuilding muscle tissue and improving fitness something after exercise is pretty important to provide protein to rebuild muscles and carbohydrates to replace glycogen.

It slowed my weight loss a little (though that may have been plateau setting in) but adding a protein shake or recovery drink after any high intensity or long (80-90+) workout makes me feel better throughout the day and recover faster, and be able to spend more time in the saddle the next day.

And as far as calorie consumption goes I've kept the daily intake fairly level by moving a couple calories out of every small meal to account for the shake or the like in the AM

Caincando1 08-07-07 06:10 AM

Eat! You have to feed the machine or it will eat itself.

For me personally I tried the no eating thing(skipping meals) and I really didn't lose any weight. When I resumed eating my regular healthy diet, I went back to dropping weight. I also recovered better and felt better.

kensuf 08-07-07 06:11 AM

You don't need a big dinner, but you probably should eat something to help with recovery.

Try a light salad with a hard boiled egg or two, or maybe some steamed veggies with a grilled chicken breast. You can cook the eggs/chicken breast on the weekend and just pull them out of the fridge at dinner time. Prep time to make the salad/steam the veggies should be only about 10 minutes.

Redrom 08-07-07 06:18 AM

Listen to your body, when it tells you it's hungry you should eat. Just make sure you put the right stuff in. Fill it with Fruits, Veggies, grains, & beans in as close to natural state as possible, and your body will gravitate towards its ideal weight.

gobot 08-07-07 07:33 AM

all I know for certain is that if you don't eat you will eventually die.

SaCaCh 08-07-07 09:08 AM

After a good round of exercise often the body is not hungry, this is an added benefit of exercise. This has to do with it slowing down the digestive process during a good workout. I don't eat when i wake up and ride to work, work for 2 hours and ride home, then eat breakfast. I have ridden a 2 hour ride without eating in the morning also. Some say eat no less then 2 hours before exercise and then afterwards if you are hungry. In the end its up to you, there are no rules to eating despite what you read...none.

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