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shog 08-08-07 04:05 PM

Funny Story
I go out for a ride this afternoon, it's stupid hot, and I only take along one water bottle since I'm only going out for a short ride. Everything is going along just fine get to my turn around point drop down a small hill spinning a big gear get most of the way up the other side down shift and drop my chain. I get off the bike and the chain is thoroughly jammed after much cursing and sweating I freed the chain. Decide to take a drink before I get back of the bike. Go to put the water bottle back into the cage and fumble it. It lands on the ground and rolls down the road. All the way to the bottom of the stupid hill like it was on a rail ! Being the only water I have I ride to the bottom of the hill to get the water bottle then back up again. Get to the top of the hill and there are two little old ladies sitting out on their front porch giggling like school girls. The rest of the ride went fine.


KingTermite 08-08-07 04:12 PM

:roflmao: Great Story!! Did they ask for an encore? :D

BeckyW 08-08-07 07:22 PM

:)) thanks for sharing! Glad the rest of your ride went well.

East Hill 08-09-07 03:42 AM

I would never giggle at anyone dropping their water bottle, but I WOULD be the one to drop the bottle and have it roll down to the bottom of the hill.

Ummm, a few days ago I was riding the MTB around the local reservoir. I had spotted a walker straining up the worst stretch of the run, and figured I'd wait until he crested so that I would have a clear run at the incline. So, I start off with no problems, and I'm about halfway up when I realised that the walker had turned around and WAS COMING BACK DOWN THE HILL :eek: ! And he was right in my path. Yes, I bailed. It was either that or hit him. I don't think he ever noticed that I was glaring at him, either.

East Hill

(51) 08-09-07 04:26 AM

You made those old ladies day! Maybe they were giggling at your bike shorts?

The only "event" I've had with my water bottle is once when I went to holster it. I accidentally missed the cage, threw it on the ground and ran over it. Splash!

brodie 08-09-07 05:09 PM

although i feel for you,its good to know im not the onlt one this stuff happens to.:D

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