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WildJimbo 08-10-07 02:57 PM

Hello from Chatsworth, GA
So.. count me in this group. I'm 6'5" 230 pounds... I probably fit right in. :)

Started riding again this past May after 25 years. Started out on a MTB which got me interested enough to purchase a road bike.

I'm not riding a lot, but I do try to pedal around a bit every week (Maybe 50 miles a week...). My attention span is somewhere around 45 minutes to an hour when I'm riding alone so I'm making 10-15 mile trips alone -- longer with a group. Average speed on my last 10 was 15mph, so I'm making some progress.

The whole shopping process was tough, and during the compiling of information a friend decided that what I was looking at may be useful to other first time buyers so he put together a searchable database to allow you to compare specs on different bikes. Check it out: (hope it's ok to plug that....) :o

Anyway.. I'll probably be around here a good bit. Lurking, looking for tips.

(51) 08-10-07 03:03 PM

Welcome Wild Jimbo. At 230 you barely make the cut. :D

WildJimbo 08-10-07 03:13 PM

Oddly enough when I started riding back in May I weight about 225 or less... I've gained 5 pound since I started. Body fat percentage has gone down, clothes still fit, so it must be muscle gain. (I tell myself that; makes me happy) :)

Thanks for the welcome!

Tom Stormcrowe 08-10-07 03:39 PM

It likely is muscle mass gain. Welcome aboard!

On Your Right 08-11-07 10:20 AM

Welcome Jim...... My name is Sandy and I live in Cohutta GA. I bike alot in Chatsworth. Most every Tuesday a group of us meets at the park in downtown Chatswaorth and rides up towards Cohutta Springs. It's about a 25 mile ride. You're more than welcome to join us. Several of us weigh in at 230 - 250 so you'll fit right in.

UtRacerDad 08-11-07 01:55 PM

UtRacerDad would be the friend that help with the buyers guide. Glad you decided to join the Clydesdale crowd here :). Been a great time so far.

WildJimbo 08-11-07 03:00 PM

What time do you all meet at the park? If you don't mind me slowing you down a bit I'd like to try that ride.

On Your Right 08-12-07 07:07 PM

We normally meet at 6:00 and roll by about 6:10. With the heat lately everyone has kind of laid out on us. I don't even think I'll ride this week myself as my wife is having a minor surgery and I may be "baby sitting" her. We ride from the park up Hyden Tyler road to Tom Terry Road and then to Cool Springs Holly Creek road. There are 3 nasty little hills on that one. We then go to CC Camp Road and finally up Crandell Ellijay road towards Cohutta Springs. Sometimes we take a flatter route that runs beside the railroad tracks and HWY 411 up towards the springs. You will not be dropped. This is a social ride and we have had people push their bikes up those 3 nasty hills and someone waits on them. We never make anyone feel bad either. Hey, 2 of us are over 230 pounds and we don't exactly destroy the course!!!

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