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Spartan112 08-12-07 04:23 PM

Wide Shoes
I'm guessing this has come up before in this forum, but where might one find wider width cycling shoes?

Metaluna 08-12-07 05:16 PM

Sidi makes several shoes in wide widths (denoted with the "Mega" tag, e.g. Genius 5 Mega, Dominator 5 Mega). Unfortunately these are generally in the $200 range though you can sometimes find them on sale. I have both of the above shoes, in 48 Mega. They are quite roomy...they almost feel too loose but once they break in they sort of mold to your foot and don't move around a lot, even though they never really feel tight.

Also, I think Shimano makes a variant of one of its road shoes in a wide version...I think it's the R151W or something like that.

Sage23 08-12-07 09:34 PM

You might want to check out Specialized shoes. I've got 3e width feet and they were about the only ones I could find locally that fit.

pdq 5oh 08-12-07 09:44 PM

I don't have a wide foot but do have Sidi Genius 5s. These are, by far, the most comfortable bike shoes I've ever had. They're definitely worth the money. I plan to get the Dominators, soon.

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