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fatboy621 08-13-07 07:33 AM

New to BF wanted to say Hello
As the title said I new to this forum and at 5'10'' 235lbs I think the "clydesdale/Athenas" is where I belong. After 25 years sitting on the couch I decided enough was enough and joined the local YMCA, this was last Feb. and since then I have started to get back in shape (of some sort). I have dropped from 290 to the present 235. To make a long story short I was in a kick boxing class that got canceled and the only class that I could take was a spinning class. I hated it to say the least, haven't been on a bike since I was a kid. I stuck it out as I hated being fat more than I hated being on the bike. That was months ago and I have to say I look forward to going to class now if fact I went out and bought a new road bike and find myself really enjoying myself. After finding and reading this forum I must say I am very encouraged and have signed up for a sprint tri on the 25th of this month! I've been training for the past six weeks pretty hard and not trying to set any records just trying to finish. I want to thank all of you for the great posts I have learned alot and hope to be able to contribute when I can.


Tom Stormcrowe 08-13-07 07:48 AM

Welcome aboard, Dan!

shog 08-13-07 10:55 AM

Welcome aboard Dan - What part of Central Ohio ? I'm off the westside of Columbus.


Bob Loblaw 08-13-07 11:05 AM

Welcome Dan! Best of luck in the tri! Let us know how it goes!

v1k1ng1001 08-13-07 03:47 PM

Good for you. Glad to have you aboard.

Bill Kapaun 08-13-07 04:35 PM

55 lbs. in 6 months is great! With a bike, at least the scenery changes!

(51) 08-13-07 06:00 PM

Welcome Dan! Great work on that weight loss.

fatboy621 08-13-07 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by shog (Post 5058299)
Welcome aboard Dan - What part of Central Ohio ? I'm off the westside of Columbus.


Thanks for the welcome

Shog, I live in Marion, about 50 miles north of columbus.

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