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cycler39 01-26-09 12:17 PM

Where am I
Hello from Warren, PA 16365

portage29er 01-29-09 09:02 AM

Hello from
Grand Portage, Minnesota 55605

Wavy 01-29-09 07:22 PM

Nice work Tom -- thanx very much for taking it on.

When next you're adding to your map...

L3M 1P2

pwhallon 01-30-09 12:09 PM

Helllo from,

Euharlee, GA.

Where the %[email protected]#^&)_([email protected] is that? :)

Like we say......."you-hardly"-can-find-it.


davin1023 02-02-09 09:16 AM

Hello from Henderson KY.

57clydesdale 02-09-09 03:08 AM

Hello from Colorado Springs, Colorado 80925

mrosen51 02-09-09 08:19 AM

Where are we?
Hello from Lakewood, NJ 08701

Theologic Bear 02-09-09 01:58 PM

Hello from Taylors, SC 29687

Tom Stormcrowe 02-10-09 10:50 PM

Hey, guys and gals....

I have the map set to allow others to add themselves. All you need is a Google account. It's set for public edit.

RubberDucks 02-10-09 11:44 PM

how do I add my marker to the map?

RubberDucks 02-10-09 11:58 PM

nevermind. I figured it out... im the only Clydesdale on the map in Queens

BearsysRevenge 02-16-09 01:59 AM

Buffalo NY 14208

Caleab 02-16-09 06:42 PM

i'm having trouble figuring out how to put me on the map.

Anyone got helpful hints? (or just flat out tell me -)

RubberDucks 02-17-09 07:20 PM

go to collaborate... and then use the tools on the map to put a marker with your name ind info on the map

bigboybiker 02-18-09 10:02 PM

Greetings from the new guy in Mishawaka, IN. 46545

Wylde06 02-19-09 09:04 AM

Hello from Monclova, Ohio

anyone else here from NW Ohio?

zpl 02-19-09 05:08 PM

Tom - I managed to remove myself from my previous NH location but I think I was unsuccessful in adding myself to Portland, OR. Can you add me there? Anywhere in the city is fine, I prefer not to list my exact location.



hippi_ssl 02-19-09 11:22 PM

Eugene, OR 97404 yes there are BIG GUYS here in Oregon

Zedd 02-28-09 02:53 PM

Add me to the map, please
Oakland, California, 94606

breadbin 03-09-09 03:52 PM

First of the Irish, hopefully not the last:lol:

fp64 03-30-09 05:55 PM

Sellersville PA 18960

WizardofId 04-01-09 07:29 AM

I'm in Id!

destikon 04-01-09 09:08 AM

Billings, MT 59102

Nocturnal 04-03-09 04:21 AM

Cambridge, MA 02139!

Bigboxeraf 04-06-09 10:39 AM

Hey tom Brooklyn NY 11214. Please add me I need all the help I can get.

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