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WonderMonkey 05-13-13 05:46 PM

You can see all the entries in one map but you have to do a trick. Follow the directions in this link:

Urugami 07-16-13 02:46 PM

Thanks for the tip, and while it's better, it still doesn't show EVERYTHING.
The problem appears to be that the KML file generated by Google Maps only has 1000 entries.
If you download, manipulate, and filter this file, it turns out to have just a hair under 500 valid items that look like they could be handles (i.e., no paths, addresses, routes, checkpoints, directions, etc).
Here's a link to a map/file with those items.
Just do what it the instructions above say:

Left-Click the link,
Copy Shortcut,
Paste into the MAPS search bar and
click the GO button.

Is there any way for the owner of the map to export the whole shebang and make it available? I'd like to see if I can get it under 1000 items, and maybe put the chaff into a separate file.

stumpbumper 07-22-13 07:58 AM

if possible id like to go on the list,
Im in chattanooga TN area,

bbeck 07-23-13 02:48 PM

i was never added to the list. are we still adding to this?

Urugami 07-24-13 03:32 PM

It is still possible to add yourself to the list, but you won't see your marker on the map unless you go to the last page of entries.

Turzy 07-26-13 09:49 AM

Just added myself to the map, and just as I had assumed, the only one around in the area lol

IAMAMRA 07-28-13 07:58 AM

Platteville WI

FreddyV 07-30-13 03:35 AM

Thought I'd add myself to the map, being 100kg's. First one in the Netherlands though :)

SammyJ 08-18-13 06:43 AM

How do I add myself to that map?

Retired2013 03-26-14 08:18 PM

Vero Beach, Fl

JJFO 05-01-14 07:50 PM

Faroe Islands here, 114 kg...

Jack Lorington 11-01-14 04:45 AM


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