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StephenH 09-29-07 05:47 PM

How Not To Commute
Been reading about the bicycle commuters, and thought, "Hey, I'd be too sweaty and all to do this on a weekday, but I need to run into the office today, so I'll just use my bike and public transportation!". Save the planet and all that.

So I leave the house about 8:45 and ride to the local rail station, takes me about a half hour. Wait a few minutes, catch the DART train into downtown Dallas, so far so good.

Check the schedule for the connecting TRE train that goes out by my work, and discover it's not for another 70 minutes or so. Grrrr.

So finally catch that train, ride to the station 2 miles from my work, hop off and pedal to work. Total time: About 3 hours and 20 minutes to cover 35-40 miles. If they'd let me ride on the freeways, I could get there faster just pedaling all the way. Anyway, I'm there now, all is good.

Where I work is a construction company with huge fenced yard with high fences around it, front gate is locked. I unlock the gate, lock it behind me, pedal 100 yards or so down to the office building, leave my bike outside. Go out a half hour later and get my cell phone out of the handlebar bag. Go out about 3:30 to head home and the bike is GONE! Arrgh! This is a piece-of-crap mountain bike that I paid $100 for a year ago. (Sitting about 50 feet from a fairly new Landrover.) So I'm without bicycle wheels until my new bike comes in that I ordered a while back.

I can only hope the thief is as frustrated with the bike as I have been at times. Bwahahahaha!

urban_assault 09-29-07 06:59 PM

I'm sorry to hear your bike was stolen. I've had it happen to me. Best of luck with the new bike.

Stujoe 09-29-07 07:55 PM

That stinks. I am lucky in that I only have about 8 miles one way to commute and half is deserted MUP and the other half is highway that has a great shoulder. I can also keep my bike inside during the day.

I love commuting but, I will say that it takes more thought and planning than I would have guessed, at least for me anyway.

OuroborosChoked 09-30-07 05:10 PM

Lucky Mr. Thief didn't take it BEFORE you got your phone from it, eh?

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