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CliftonGK1 10-14-07 10:33 AM

Crazy hill climbing (and a new bike shop)
So I got the bright idea to go and do some really serious hills yesterday. I drove down to Issaquah (WA) to ride a 5.5 mile loop up and down Squawk Mountain as many times as I could. I arrived with lofty aspirations of doing 5 laps. 3 laps and 3600' of climbing later, the hill handed me my arse and I was done. I'm still darned proud of myself, because this is the most climbing I've done in years. I'll be going back to do this every few weeks, I think.
On my way back to my truck, I stopped in at VeloceVelo bike shop and had a nice chat with the owner about full carbon bikes, the strength of different wheels, and the benefits of a compact double over a triple crankset (which has been a consideration for when I get a new bike.) He's a Clydsedale, (6'4", around 220) and rides a few different full carbon bikes, so he knows his stuff.

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