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neilfein 10-21-07 07:09 PM

OT: Zombie cyclist
Strolling through the costume store tonight, I was thinking I'd be a zombie for this halloween and then had the thought: Zombie cyclist!

I got the fake blood and fake ripped skin stuff, and I have old lycra shorts I can abuse. What would really make the costume is a torn up cycling jersey with bloody gashes underneath. I don't wear jerseys myself, but they really do scream "cyclist!". Might anyone have a jersey that got ripped up or stained? Something you were going to toss? (I'll pay shipping, of course.)


StephenH 10-21-07 09:56 PM

I had this idea, but too lazy to put it into practice: Get an old tandem (or new cheap one). Rig rear handle bars so they pivot. Run wires from tips up to the front handlebars so you can then steer from the back. Then mount a skeleton in the captain's chair and off you go. It would be great.

neilfein 11-12-07 07:51 AM

Party guests started showing up early (i.e., on time), so I never got to apply the pale-skinned makeup. I told people I was myself in my 2006 bike accident, or maybe 2008.

There's a whole set of photos from this party, including one of my "road rash".

a quickr pickr post

Pamestique 11-12-07 08:23 AM

To make it real authentic - next time cover yourself with road rash - starting up your thigh and maybe ripping (an old pair) of shorts alittle, covering your arm and ending up on your face. The weekend before Halloween I went into my local shop and one of the employees was covered with road rash just like that. His face was particularly bloody looking. I teased him about his "costume" and he gave me a weird look. I then noticed the rash was real. Eeeeewwwhhhh he was all gooey looking. Poor thing. That had to hurt! :p

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